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Making Culture Your Ally in Clinical Information System Implementation

Organizational culture can make or break any clinical information system implementation. This article discusses ten actions your health system can take to affect a cultural transformation.

Off-Label Prescriptions – Is FDA’s Regulation Sluggish?

Off-label use of medicines, though acceptable, is at times still controversial in the medical world. Find out how efficient is the US FDA in forestalling inappropriate promotion of off-label drug use?

Structured Cabling in Healthcare Facilities and TR-42.1

Today’s healthcare centers’ networks need to accommodate not only an enormous volume of data generated by the modernizations that technology brought to medicine but also need to comply with regulatory standards. An incremental investment in infrastructure cabling can result in exponential benefits in network performance, reliability and productivity.

Why a New Trend of Blue Collar Workers Are Outsourcing Their Medical Needs

An emerging new trend as more and more working class Americans are flocking to paradise destinations to attend to their medical needs. As the cost of health care keeps rising, this trend is sure to continue upwards.

Are Medicare Advantage Plans Really an Advantage

Another relatively unknown aspect of Medicare is the availability of Medicare Advantage plans that are basically health plan options. Joining one of the plans means getting all your health care, including drug coverage, through the plan you choose.

How to Eliminate Health Problems

Health is considered to be one of god’s gifts to make our life considerably happy. Maintaining proper health keeps us happy in every dimension of our lives. This article provides a solution to eliminate health problems and reduce the rising health care costs.

Choosing a Pediatrician Can Be Easy

One of the most pressing things on the mind of a mother-to-be is: who is going to be my baby’s doctor? This is a very important decision, and one that cannot be made lightly.

Taking Care of a Sick Loved One

If you have a loved one who is suffering from a life threatening disease, such as cancer, knowing just what to do can be stressful when it comes to taking care of them. Many cancer patients just don’t want to be put in a hospital or nursing home. They want to be kept at home where they are close to families and friends and in an environment that they are familiar with.

Is Holistic Healthcare the Same As Alternative Healthcare?

Holistic healthcare encompasses the entire person including the physical body, the emotional well being and the spiritual connection. The focus is much broader than just getting rid of symptoms of various ailments or diseases. Holistic often puts emphasis on the relationship between the various parts and the whole. It considers a person a complete system and doesn’t separate the parts whether they are solid or ethereal. In today’s medical community you cannot separate holistic out of the allopathic community.

Reasons For Increasing Healthcare Costs

Healthcare in America has become unaffordable for an average individual due to the increase in the costs. These costs are straining burden on the individuals and have become a top issue in the country. This article discusses about the various reasons for these increasing healthcare costs and provides a solution to dodge these costs.

A Little Known Fact About Medicare and Approved Medical Services

Marketing for Medicare isn’t as good as it should be, and as a result there are some things people just don’t know about how Medicare really works. Shopping around for the right source of information will make your life a lot easier.

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