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What Makes a Children’s Hospital Different?

Hospitals that specialize in taking care of children (pediatric hospital) are different in many fundamental ways, including employing a Certified Child Life Specialist. Read this article and learn what else makes a children’s hospital different.

Yanhee General Hospital, Bangkok (Part III) – Where Should Visitors (Patients and Relatives) Stay?

Yanhee General Hospital is located at the outskirt of town. However, patients and relatives can still find suitable places to stay not too far from the hospital itself in Rachadaphisek and Ladprao areas.

MRI Equipment Surround Your Patients Appropriately

MRI equipment is becoming quite common practice in today’s medical industry. The United States is the global leader in MRI technology and has developed newer MRI equipment to help aid physicians in making an accurate diagnosis for their patients.

Why Don’t Doctors in the US Trust Electronic Health Records?

Most professions have had no trouble making the switch from paper to digital or electronic records. The health profession in the US is a notable exception. Many doctors, particularly from older generations are reluctant to take full advantage of all the benefits that technology has to offer.

Transport Costs Can Make Hospital Visits Expensive

We are lucky in this country that if you have an accident or become ill you are able to go to an NHS hospital, and seek treatment at their accident and emergency department. Most hospitals are located in central city locations and provide treatment around the clock in order to cater for largest number of people as possible.

Consumer Directed Healthcare – A New Trend

Gone are the days when the maxim that ruled the healthcare industry was “Build it and they will come”, under the impression that that if people knew where services were located they would find their way to the clinics. In post liberalisation India the healthcare industry is waking up to the fact that the consumer has to be pursued and enticed into visiting healthcare facilities of a particular brand and to buy healthcare products of a particular brand. With the government permitting 100 per cent foreign direct investment (FDI) in the health care industry, there is …

When Medical Skills Are Not Everything – Logistics Making Better Doctors

Retail & logistic solutions are helping to make better doctors. In this article, the author examines how innovations from non-medical practices have enabled doctors to ensure the patient has a more comfortable health care experience.

How Does Health Care Issues Play a Prominent Role in Life?

The rising costs in health care reveal the pathetic condition of America’s economy. Procedures initiated to solve these have gone in vain. Interestingly, some companies have provided a solution to overcome these plans. This article discusses the facts relating to it.

How to Overcome Rising Healthcare Costs?

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the chronic diseases. In addition to this, the cost of medical treatment has also gone up. Whatever the conditions might be, at the end, it is the people who has to suffer. This article gives you an overview on how to overcome the health care costs.

Nursing Homes Prison 101 – Part Four in a Serious Series About Rehab & Care Centers & Nursing Homes

Can you even imagine living in a place that holds you prisoner? Probably not. Yet, there are millions of people in America that feel like that, that live like that every single day of the year. They are not prisoners in some jail. They have not been arrested.

What Would They Say Today?

Since 2003, multiple independent evaluations of hospital preparedness and hospital disaster planning have found the reality in each successive year to be far below that purported in 2003. A brief survey three reports by the Institutes of Medicine in June, 2006 serve as proof that any hint of hospital preparedness is false and that momentum towards preparedness has been lost. These reports, Hospital-Based Emergency Care: At the Breaking Point, Emergency Care for Children: Growing Pains, and Emergency Medical Services at the Crossroads found a disparity between self reported preparedness on multiple association and government surveys compared to actual preparedness measured across the five core indicators of hospital preparedness.

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