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How India’s Mission to Be the #1 Medical Tourism Destination Can Benefit You

Take a look at how India’s medical tourism industry has boomed in the past few years. Their medical expertise, and technology is parallel to that of the United States, yet their costs are only a mere fraction.

Embedded Patient Monitoring Systems Mean Opportunities For Athletic Wear Designers and Manufacturers

With consumers are getting ever more involved with their own health, a new market is emerging in the patient monitoring industry. Not content to sit in a doctor’s office awaiting test results-or having to return weeks later to hear the outcome-people want immediate results with little inconvenience. Innovative biomedical companies are developing sensors so minute that they can be sewn into clothingwearable patient monitoring, if you will.

Medical Autoclaves

Autoclaves were first invented by French Microbioligist Charles Chamberland in 1879 who worked alongside Louis Pastuer who invented the Patuerisation process. The basic function of an autoclave machine is to pressurise aqueous solutions and heat them above their boiling point which will cause the solution to be sterilised as well as anything in the solution. In order to create sterilisation using water you need to be able to heat water past its normal boiling point.

Doppler Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound imaging – also referred to as sonography is a medical procedure often carried out in hospitals using high frequency sound waves to map images within the body. Ultrasound is a non invasive procedure and unlike Xray which uses potentially harmful ionizing radiation, ultrasound is a virtually risk free procedure which is why it is used routinely to scan images of unborn babies.

X-ray Aprons – Protect Yourself Properly

X-ray aprons play a vital role in today’s medical industry. People don’t realize the significance of these aprons and how vital they are not only to patients but also to the physicians performing procedures.

Use Surveys to Find Out How Your Healthcare Site is Doing

The best businesses know what their customers want and work hard to supply it to them. Toyota just this past sales quarter became the number one car sales company in the world. In typical fashion, they issued a statement saying they didn’t care if they were number one so long as their customers were happy.

Medical Freebies Are Disappearing

The cost of the government paying medical bills for the sick is stretching the federal budget to the limit. These are hard times and tax collections have never been lower. Those that depend on having free health care are going to learn to pay their own way or let nature take its course.

Stainless Steel Utility Carts – Keeping Medical Supplies Organized

Stainless steel utility carts are tools designed for hospital supply storage and transport. In the fast-paced medical environments of hospitals, organized equipment is essential in order to keep patient treatment and other important tasks running smoothly. In emergency situations, supplies must be able to transported to any location quickly and easily. Medical staff cannot afford to waste time seeking out supplies and risk further patient complications as a result of the delay. Stainless steel medical utility carts can help to safely store and transport medical supplies throughout the hospital.

How to Choose a Doctor

Choosing the right doctor can be the most important decision that you will ever make. Don’t find yourself with a bad one. Learn what you need to do to find the right doctor for you and your situation.

Clinical Equipment – The Key to High-Quality Patient Care

Clinical equipment is a vital part of any medical facility. This is the equipment that physicians rely on to diagnose their patients correctly and aid them back to health.

Personal Health Records – Your Solution to Minimizing Health Risks

How do you feel, is not it will be nice that you have a health assistant to give you a reminder about perhaps a blood sugar level test or any other health related test that you have to undergo within a month or a year. Isn’t it will be nice if there is an alert emergency record about your personal health and you do not have to remember all the records and history of your health before visiting your doctor for the second check up. This help can be at your fingertips in the form of a computerized personal health …

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