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Medicare Supplement Plans – Reduce Your Healthcare Costs

The U.S. national healthcare system has been undergoing a series of changes since Barack Obama has taken office, and there will only be more changes in the future. It is important to keep up with these changes and how they affect your individual situation and health issues.

Accurate Edits Return Dollars

Many companies offer various services and ideas on how to improve revenue. Most, if not all, concentrate their efforts on the front-end registration process, dealing with eligibility, making sure the patients have enough insurance coverage, collection of co-pays, etc. All these procedures are important, are good practices to follow and are essential to a good revenue cycle program.

Are Healthcare Breakthroughs Too Good to Be True?

The healthcare business is a money machine. The media is constantly reporting big breakthroughs in healthcare, with the main focus being on the producer’s expected increase in revenues and sharp rises in share price. What these breakthroughs mean to the general public almost appears to be an afterthought.

The Benefits of Having Centralized and Linked Medical Care

The field of medicine and way medicine is practiced has changed significantly in the recent years. Previously the only option available to patients was to see their primary care doctor and then get referrals. Then the patient would go to another doctor, a specialist, and then from that point be referred to either other doctors or treatment providers and then back to their primary care doctor. This way of medical practice can be stressful for the patient who ends up doing a significant amount of coordination between the various medical providers they are getting treated by.

Electronic Records For Small Towns

Electronic health records are the cornerstone of President Obama’s new health care reform plan. The Democratic House and Senate have exercised their power to push through a plan that will establish a functioning electronic health records system in just five years.

Small Town Health

Small towns make up the backbone of America. You grow up knowing your neighbor and the local store owner. You see the fellow residents every day. It’s a good feeling for most. When a community is small, it has a vested interest in keeping itself healthy.

Launch Your HCAHPS Scores With Realtime Measurement

If your objective is to establish your organization as “Hospital of Choice” in your area, it is essential that you launch a realtime patient satisfaction measurement program. This program will allow you to incorporate patient satisfaction tracking into your daily interactions with patients. This way you will be able to detect problems and implement corrections before they can affect your official HCAHPS scores.

Hospital Miracles

Hospitals are large and often imposing institutions. Many people associate their tall buildings and cold, clinical atmosphere with poor health and even dangerous conditions. They handle the most serious illnesses. Although they are powerful institutions that save lives, there need to be alternatives.

Electronic Health Records Save Billions

President Obama has set forth a commitment to creating the ubiquitous use of electronic health records within the next five years. This is actually a reaffirmation and acceleration of the Bush commitment slated for 2014. In any case, electronic health records are supposed to save our country and our health care system billions of dollars.

How to Have Better, More Affordable Health Care

A new thought on health care is to set everyone up like those on Medicare. They would have the same amount taken from their pay each month to equal what is taken from Medicare patients. Fees will be set for each service and be standardized across the country. Doctors will be assured of seventy-five percent of their charges being paid by the government with the patient paying the rest.

Top 7 Benefits of Running a Health Care Office With Electronic Medical Records

Many health care offices today are using medical billing software and electronic medical records. Most doctors, as well as office managers, view this transition as taking a step forward to being more efficient, more streamlined.

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