Arkansas gas prices lowest in the country during Labor Day weekend

Commercial Water Purification Systems For Public Safety

In searching for the appropriate commercial water purification system that you may want to use for your business, institution or organization, you should consider some things first. You must know the method used for supplying the water and its source. Majority of the water supplied through public underground water pipe systems contain a lot of chemicals that are used to destroy different microorganisms.

How to Manage and Prepare a 501(k) For Clinical Submission

In the last several months, a number of medical device product companies and manufacturers have contacted me with a similar question. The question pertains to approval in Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada and how that relates to a US approval, and secondly, what type of 510(k) to prepare in the US? Is there a fast track to approval in the US since they have device, detection and diagnostic non-US CE Marks of approval to market in non-US countries?

QBC Diagnostics Hematology Analyzers

Hematology analyzers from QBC Diagnostics assure quality. Their accuracy and precision are compliant to well accepted standards.

Hospitals and Physicians You Can Trust

In times of need, it is important to know that there is someone to trust. When faced with an emergency situation, having the proper facilities and professionals available and ready to assist is very reassuring.

Important Methods to Reduce Risks of Exposures to Hazardous Drugs

Almost all the important medicines are made of hazardous drugs. These drugs include some noxious agents that can produce major health defects on exposures. The noxious agents include chemicals that are highly lethal, carcinogenic, irritants, corrosives, reproductive toxins, sensitizers and substances that can produce organ disorders.

Advantages of Electronic Medical Records Part 1 – Lowered Costs

Switching from old-fashioned paper filing systems to computerized electronic medical records (EMRs) is highly beneficial for both doctors and patients. Below are just some of the advantages which directly or indirectly lower costs.

Health Care Reform and Medical EMR

EMR as medical practice software A local primary care physician or a doctors office would want to run it’s billing and scheduling off of a Medical practice software (often called an EMR), as it turns out it’s useful for that accounting software to also keep patient medical records. A hospital or medical facility would want to access an all encompassing EHR database, that Electronic Health Record would be a network of local nodes or local EMR patient records.

Answering Service to Tackle Patients’ Calls

Answering Service helps you tackling multiple calls from patients at a time! It also has different functionality useful for perfect medical management. Read on to learn about it…

Safety Measures to Reduce the Risks of Exposures to Hazardous Drugs

Almost all the useful medicines are made from hazardous drugs. These drugs are highly lethal and can badly contaminate the surroundings when exposed. These contaminations can induce various health defects on the living beings present there. To develop a single medicine, series of steps have to be followed.

Infection Control – Importance of Washable Keyboards and a Mouse in Medical Settings

The spread of hospital acquired infections is an increasing problem in many hospitals and clinics throughout the world. Anti-biotic resistant infections such as MRSA and C. Difficile are all too common and result in hundreds of deaths each year.

The Best Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems Can Still Fall Short

There is a wide range of water purification systems and treatment devices on the market today. Just as there are many different brands, there are entirely different ways that they function in the home. One of the most well known among these is the reverse osmosis process, known also as RO. While it has some benefits in certain applications, it is not as comprehensive as some people might think. Even the best reverse osmosis drinking water systems are not perfect.

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