Arkansas governor speaks on proposed Title IX amendments

Buy New UNICO Colposcopes

If you are looking to upgrade your gynaecological practice, buy new UNICO colposcopes. This is also a great option if you already have colposcopes but they are worn out or have damaged parts. You’ll find UNICO colposcopes of different head inclinations, iris diaphragms, FOVs (Field of View), magnification ranges, working distances, optical systems, and interpuppilary distances.

Health Care is a Rip-Off

What we call health care is a bad deal for the consumer. The name alone is a lie. It should be called “sickness care” or even “sickness facilitation ” because, for those who are covered, it tricks them into placing the responsibility for their health on their doctor. This is a big mistake.

A Day in a Life of a Hospital Patient

I can’t forget his smile every time he saw me. I hope only someday if God forbids, I am ended up in the hospital that someone has a heart to visit me.

Answer My Health Question – What Testing Can Tell You

Advances in medical testing have come a long way in recent years, and you know what they say – knowledge is the best defense when it comes to preventing and treating various health conditions. You may be asking yourself, “Should I be tested for heart disease? High cholesterol? Stroke risk? Can these tests answer my health question?”

Naturopathic Education

Over 2400 years ago, the Greek philosopher and physician Hippocrates taught the idea that nature has the power to heal itself. Man, having a natural side to him also has this power. This same idea is the core idea behind Naturopathy and what is taught in schools for Naturopathic education.

Branding ‘Concierge Medicine’

Concierge medicine has had somewhat of a “brand/identity” issue in the media and health care marketplace. Concierge medicine (also known as “Direct Care” and sometimes closely aligned with the term “Direct Primary Care”) is a term used to describe a relationship with a primary care physician in which the patient pays an affordable fee for access and cost effective care with their primary care doctor.

Large Clinics and Their Satellites Working in Small Town USA

Doctors, insurances companies, and of course politicians say they have the answer to everyone’s healthcare woes. The simplistic bottom line is that the disadvantaged people of the United States need to receive healthcare.

Medicare Supplement Policies and Medigap Policies

Once you begin researching retirement today, you will soon figure out it isn’t as easy as it used to be. When people age and they select to retire, often times they end up losing their benefits. Even though Medicare may be accessible, you will learn that it only meets a certain percent of the typical doctor bill. In order to offset this, Medigap policies are available. Unfortunately retired people are returning back to a job, but those people who could not wish they could.

Find the Best Primary Care Service For Your Better Health

If we talk about primary care service now days it is very difficult to find primary care service. For this purpose I think you should find a best primary care physician for your health care.

Tips on Choosing the Right Elderly Home For Your Parents

The primary difference between care homes and nursing homes is the type of need that must be addresses. If your parents need daily help and cannot live alone due to restrictions in movement, then the care home is a better option.

How to Eliminate Waste in US Health Care

Most people have a suspicion that a significant portion of healthcare costs in America are wasted. Now, a new report from Thomson Reuters has proven them right. Almost one-third of medical expenditures each year, up to $850 million, is wasted on things such as unnecessary care, disorganized paperwork, and fraud.

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