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All About HL7 Messaging

Health Level 7 (or HL7) messaging is a means by which the vast array of medical health databases can “speak” to each other in a common language. Since the late 1980’s, there has been an explosion of various vendors offering health information technology systems all designed around unique aspects that each vendor felt was important. While the individuality made it appealing to different segments of the medical community, problems with integration and communications among various IT systems became evident. In other words, a patient’s information in a hospital could not be conveyed to a radiology center or pharmacy because each had different operating systems. This problem has continued even today and presents a challenge to developing integration of healthcare systems nationally and internationally.

The Benefits of Hosted Intranets in Health IT

Of the developments in IT solutions for various healthcare systems, hosted intranets offer one of the most exciting options. Especially for small size hospitals or healthcare practices, hosted intranets allow many options at low cost to enable these entities access to the twenty-first century. Some of the major benefits include variable degrees of integration with an existing system, easy start up abilities with low costs, no need for in-house IT expertise, and inherent privacy protection abilities in compliance with Australian privacy guidelines. By utilizing these web-based hosted solutions, all the benefits of using medical informatics can be realized with ease.

Hematology Coding – Implementing New Changes

Hematology is a branch of medical science that deals with the study of blood, blood-forming organs, and blood diseases. Medical coders who specialize in hematology coding convert the diagnosis and procedures related to hematology into medical codes according to the established standard. With a firm knowledge of the field of hematology, they are expected to have the proficiency to perform CPT, HCPCS, and ICD coding according to the guidelines.

BPM in Healthcare

BPM is much more than a mere fad for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. To the organizations prepared to adopt it whole-heartedly, it brings tangible and measurable benefits; thereby ensuring companies can set off on a high growth path. BPM goes beyond mere automation of processes and can provide robust platform for gains across all categories of Healthcare processes, be it Clinical, Operation, Financial, Administrative or Human Resource.

IT Solutions For Medication Incidents

Over the last three decades there has been a dramatic increase in the number of medications and generic versions of medications release by pharmaceutical companies. Add to that the greater volume of patients evaluated and treated over time and the result has been an increasing number of medication errors, along with bad outcomes in patient care. With the use of health informatics, IT solutions have been able to dramatically reduce the number of errors through many different methods. These include better methods of reporting medication incidents, better safeguards through monitoring interactions and allergies, better communication among healthcare staff, and better tracking abilities which offer better chances for effective policy changes. As a result of these benefits, informatics has resulted in better medication care for many people.

Patient Privacy and Health Informatics

In today’s world, consumers use secure internet software to manage their finances, make purchase transactions, register to personalized sites, and apply for online applications that contain personal data. As information technology has invaded the healthcare sector, similar issues are now present in regards to protection of privacy information. Overall, patient information has both positive and negative benefits when being shared over large networks. For medical research perspectives and evidence-based care paradigms, anonymous patient data can direct better quality care. However keeping data anonymous is the challenge. From a negative perspective, access of this information by employers or insurance agencies could cause significant personal and public problems potentially. The ability to protect this information is important. By eliminating the risks, health informatics provides another tool for enhancing medical quality.

The Difference Between HMO and PPO

When choosing health insurance, you may have the option to pick the network of care providers that you like best or that fits your particular situation. The two networks are HMO and PPO. HMO stands for health maintenance organizations and PPO for preferred provider organizations. There are significant differences between the two networks that can determine which is the right one for you.

Medical Record Summary Service

Medical record summary service is one of several solutions offered by medical outsourcing companies, medico-legal case review companies, and litigation consultants. These companies are served by qualified medical reviewers who take a great workload off their backs.

Benefits of Social Security

Social security touches the life of nearly all Americans. It helps older Americans and at the same time helps disabled workers and families where a spouse or a parent dies. Here is an analysis of the benefits which are usually available under various social security schemes.

The Brainwashing of Our Medical Students

In many instances doctor’s judgment has been compromised by the overwhelming one-sided education they are being given by the giant pharmaceutical conglomerates. The result is unnecessary medication use, poor outcomes and sometimes dangerous results for patients all to satisfy the drug company’s insatiable need to make a buck and keep their stock price up.

Lean Healthcare, Simplified

Applying lean concepts to health care is all the rage these days, but you don’t necessarily need to hire high-priced consultants to get started. The essence of “lean” is finding and eliminating “non-value added” work, or “waste.” To get started, just follow these five simple steps:

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