Arkansas voters will see recreational marijuana on November ballot

The Disease Industry

Medical research is being driven by the share prices of drug companies, not the health needs of people. We need to ask are we are living healthier and happier lives. Are the extra years worth it?

Do You Know the Condition of America’s Healthcare?

Statistics reveal that, United States of America, the most industrialized nation in the world has at least 47 million uninsured or underinsured. This article gives a factual description of the contemporary situation in America.

How to Effectively Handle Health Care Costs?

Most of the Americans, insured and the uninsured are under stress and worried about the rising healthcare costs and the number is growing day by day. The reasons would vary from person to person but the ultimate problem would remain the same, affordable access to healthcare. This article discusses the reasons behind it and describes the available alternatives in the market.

How to Choose the Right Facility For Your Medical Care Abroad

Choosing the right facility to treat your particular ailment is a major hurdle for most medical tourists. The success of your treatment or surgery depends highly on the facility’s expertise for your specific medical procedure.

Choosing a Country For Your Medical Treatment Abroad Can Be Downright Scary

Medical tourism is simply the practice of going to another country to obtain medical services. This practice allows the patient to receive top quality medical services in a country of choice.

Revolutionized – Cotton Surgical Scrubs

All through the eighties little children were distressed when they used to get hurt while playing or doing mischievous activities. A lot of them used to find the aged looking hospital in their boring cotton surgical scrubs.

The Significance of Health Care Education

Before we come to the practice of health care education, we must know the principles involved. Health care education brings together the art and science of medicine along with the principles and practice of general education. The link is to be found in the social and behavioral sciences which include sociology, psychology and social anthropology.

High Quality Dental and Healthcare at an Affordable Price

Media has been covering a lot of healthcare issues these days as many people are getting affected by health problems. This is perhaps due to the unaffordable healthcare. This article focuses on the alternatives available in the market that reduces the costs of healthcare.

Lead Aprons – Reducing X-Ray Radiation Risks

Lead aprons are an essential part of many medical professionals equipment. Doctors are often exposed to large amounts of radiation for long periods of time. Radiation aprons are their only way of defending themselves against this harmful radiation.

HealthCare Systems

This particular system is basically an institute that works towards the conveyance of appropriate fitness care. It differs greatly all around the globe. The people who work towards providing this service through the respective organizations are known as experts and professionals in their field. It is often argued if these systems oblige private rights of the public or amplify the regulation of these industries by the administration of the particular country.

Patient Transfer – Safely Moving Patients

It is essential for medical professionals to move their patients carefully so that they do not harm them. The equipment that supports this movement must be ergonomically engineered so that no harm comes to the professional as well as the patient.

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