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Stair Lifts – A Practical and Economical Solution For Accessibility Problems

The stair lift is a mechanical device used for lifting people up and down the stairs. Stair lifts are a practical and economical solution for accessibility problems faced by physically handicapped and aged people. Stair lift is very useful for physically challenged people to access different floor levels.

Vertical Platform Lifts For Accessibility Challenges

Vertical platform lifts are the perfect solutions for physically disabled and aged people to overcome accessibility challenges. Several models of vertical platform lifts are available, each having unique features and these can be customized to solve any particular challenge that you face in your home.

Stair Lifts – Quality and Affordable Mobility Products

Stair lifts take you up and down your stairs – conveniently, safely, and comfortably. Stair lifts are quality and affordable mobility products that are a sensible choice for both residential and commercial purposes. With plenty of different models to choose from, you can find a stair chair lift, according to your needs and budget constraints.

February 14, 1929 at the South Chicago Hospital

February 14, 1929 started out like any other day at the south Chicago Illinois hospital. Doctors made their daily rounds visiting patients; nurses measured out medications and emptied bedpans. Little did they know that that same morning in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago’s north side a drama was being enacted which would soon fill their wards with the detritus of the most bloody gangland massacre in U.S. history.

HIPAA Medical Compliance Practice Management Software

Practice management software has been around for a while now. I remember medical billing versions written in DOS. Many of those applications were reliable and through the years were eventually morphed into the Windows environments.

Wellness, Stress and the American Health Care System

The cost of health care is of great concern to the majority of US citizens. Although we have made huge strides in technology and pharmaceuticals, we are overlooking the basic cost effective methods of managing stress.

Doctors Cite Integrity As #1 Trait They Look For in an Industry Representative

Ever wonder what your doctors want from you? We asked that very question of over 350 doctors in a survey in January of 2008. The answer was integrity!

Medicare Supplements Standardized

Medicare supplements are in the “what you see is what you get” category. This protects consumers from surprises, because they’re all the same from company to company.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Many people wonder if Medicare Advantage Plans really are an advantage. The short and simple answer is: yes and no.

Brief Introduction of the Health System in China

Health System in China is developing rapidly. It has made great achievements and provided benefits to many Chinese people. However, the existing system has some problems that we have to face and solve. My paper will show the structure of this health system; how is it financed; how does the prevention work and also some health issues. I will find and discuss the problems found in these fields.

Kankakee Illinois Hospital Stomping Grounds For Al Capone

Al Capone – Chicago’s notorious gangster chief – had a number of retreats and vacation spots where he could unplug from his busy life of murder and mayhem and enjoy a little R & R. These include St. Paul MN, Hot Springs AR, as well as some lesser known hideouts where he could maintain his anonymity such as French Lick IN, Brookfield WI, Olean NY, Lansing MI, Dubuque IA, and Johnson City, TN. But Scarface Al’s favorite stomping grounds were much closer to home, in Kankakee, since Kankakee Illinois hospital was well known to Chicagoans looking for a good time.

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