Convicted child killer in Fayetteville resentenced to life in prison

Listen to Binaural Beats – Enjoy the Enhanced Coordination of Body and Mind

Listening to the binaural beats to ensure an enhanced coordination between mind and body has turned out to be very much effective for many. The objective of generating the beats is to tap into several conscious stages of the brain and make the most of its unused capacity.

Numerous Candida Cures Result in Nothing – Suggestions for the Next Steps

A woman I know said that she has been having so many recommended candida cures that result in nothing. First, she has been taking a high quality probiotic and numerous herbs, vitamins including grapefruit seed extract, capryllic acid, quercetin, Kolorex, garlic, etc. None of them is making any difference to her health! Plus, she had 3 courses of Diflucan and one of Nystatin. She is now getting a little desperate and spending a fortune on every herb she hears might help. So, what are my suggestions?

Dealing With Health Insurance Company Denials For Service

How to understand and appeal health insurance company decisions to deny based upon the need for “pre approval” or “out of network” denials. Often patients are denied treatments and medical equipment due to erroneous reasoning by the initial examiner…

Are Electronic Health Records A Worthwhile Option?

Electronic health records are currently changing the way the medical industry runs. How can it change your practice?

Dr Ratings – Take Advantage of Vital Information

Whether you are new to a place and need a doctor, or simply need a change from your old physician, it’s a good idea to do some research on your future caregiver. Exploring dr ratings would be a good idea.

Three Key Features For Your EMR Software

Shopping for an EMR software system isn’t as easy as it sounds. Here are three features that are must-haves.

The Importance Of Medical Products

Medical products are an important part of very person’s life. We all have the threat of getting sick, whether it is just a common cold, or a chronic disease like cancer. In order to survive these attacks on our bodies, no matter how serious, we need to take a certain amount of medicine in order for our bodies to overcome the attack. There are thousands and thousands of different types of medicine available in the world today, all developed for different illnesses and diseases.

Medical Tourism – Stem Cell Therapy Abroad

Many people from developed countries are traveling abroad on medical tour to receive stem cell therapy, as there are several restrictions on this treatment in their home countries. Stem Cell Therapy introduces new cells into damaged tissue to treat injury. Stem Cell therapy is anticipated to cure diseases like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, Brain Damage, Heart Disease, Baldness, Spinal Cord Injuries.

Handling the Itches From Candidiasis

My friend sent me a letter asking for advices in handling the itches from candidiasis she experienced. She has completed 30 days of 200 mg (per day) of Doxycycline for her 3rd lyme bite. Before this last bite, she had already had a mild case of candidiasis based on results of a stool test and she has severe food sensitivities with digestive problems. Her first and second bites were in the last 90’s.

Diet Soda in Candida Treatment – Choosing Supportive Supplements for Candidiasis

There is a 23 year old friend of mine who has just return to the candida treatment and diet. She is moving in three weeks and will finally be able to cook her own food after have been at her parents’ house for a few months. She also found the only naturopath in her area and can start seeing her in three months when her insurance kicks in. Until then, she will try to self-heal with low sugar and some supplements. She has one major problem that she is totally addicted to Diet Pepsi! She wants some opinions about this situation.

Candida Treatment Questions – Fresh Garlic and Probiotics’ Dosage, Threelac Effects

A friend sent me a mail that asked about some things in candida treatment that she can’t find out. She needs to know how much and how often fresh garlic should be eaten. Also, she asked the same question about the probiotics: how much and how often it is to take acidophilus.

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