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Why Healthcare Marketing is Essential

Healthcare can be defined as the field dealing with the maintenance and restoration of the health of our physical or psychological state. It is offered in two ways – from the healthcare organizations like hospitals and private nursing homes to the patients who are in distress and from the pharmaceutical companies to the doctors and other healthcare professional to sell their products.

Where Did All the Doctors Go?

In the fall of 2010, the gulf coast of the United States is again struck by a category four hurricane. Five years of planning and preparation swing into action. Hospitals, structurally reinforced to survive such storms, remain open and operational, serving their communities during and after the storm. State and Federal recovery plans assist displaced people return to home and even find jobs.

Van Elslander Pavilion Features Leading-Edge Technology With a Patient-Focused Design

When patients and visitors enter the Van Elslander Pavilion at St. John Hospital & Medical Center (SJH&MC), they are greeted by warm reception and waiting areas. Above, natural light floods through the three-story atrium windows. While the recently opened pavilion is the new front entrance to the hospital, visitors are struck by the non-hospital feel of the environment. Part of the $163 million expansion program planned for the hospital, the Van Elslander Pavilion opened in fall 2007 and is part of the largest expansion program in St. John’s 54-year history.

Electronic Medical Records Provide Safety and Convenience

Medical records are colliding with the digital revolution. Doctors value the added safety, while patients focus on convenience.

Getting Healthy – Eliminating a Symptom is Not a Cure!

Whenever we are in the state of feeling not healthy, we are driven to restore Health in the shortest possible time. Conventional Healthcare is doing exactly that, it looks at “what’s wrong” and fixes the “wrong” – which is the manifest symptom of ill-health. This is usually accomplished by prescription drugs which are designed to eliminate the symptom. Though an eliminated symptom is not regained Health and drugs are not making us healthy. Getting healthy means eliminating the cause of the symptom – but this takes time and is not part of the protocol in modern healthcare. In order to search for and cure the cause of illness, one needs to assertively step out of the confines of the “sick-care” system.

Inside Nursing Homes & Rehab Centers – Physical Therapists I Have Known

Physical therapists, sometimes caught in the middle, earn their money every day. They have to deal with the administrations inside of nursing homes and they have to deal with patients and patients’ families. Now, this requires more patience than an average person has. We have to give credit to those men and women who work as physical therapists.

Is Your Doctor Helping You Get Well Or Not?

I truly believe that the American people are getting wiser today than ever about the fact that traditional medicine is not the answer to solving their unhealthy conditions. They are learning it more and more each day through information on the Internet, many publications of all kinds and even by word of mouth too. They are finding out that the proper way to address and solve your health problems now is by implementing alternative health methods. Until everyone becomes more convinced to take charge of their health and begin applying these proven methods they will stay in their unhealthy condition.

The Water Purification Process – An Attempt to Explain Water Purification in Simple Terms

The water purification process involves many steps, and these steps can vary between each treatment facility in different locations. This is one way to explain water purification based on my local area and should give you a good basis for understanding water purification in your own home town.

How to Choose a Name For Your Cash Pay Medical Practice

One of the most important aspects of running a cash pay medical practice is choosing a name for your office. While the traditional medical marketing strategy for physicians is…

Medical Insurance For Self Employed

Don’t go one more day without obtaining proper medical insurance for self employed business owners and solo professionals. You can find out today exactly what you need to do to get started!

Busy Hospital Days and Nights

Many of us, after a long days work, simply want to relax and put up our feet. Our days at work can be stressful and full of tiring hours. There is nothing like coming home at the end of a busy day and just doing nothing. The hours we put in at work seem to go on endlessly; for when we come home, it is difficult to not think about work.

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