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Tips for Managing Your Medical Bills

Health insurance isn’t easy, and it gets harder to understand by the day. Do you know what your insurance covers? Not sure what you’re paying for when you go for medical care? Confused by those pieces of paper you receive in the mail from your insurance company? To understand what you are being billed for, and why, and to make sure you aren’t overpaying, follow these tips.

What Is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is a term used to describe the biological diversity of the entire planet. In this are included all varieties and species of life, ranging from the smallest to the most complex. Biodiversity can be said to be an assortment of plant and animal life or flora and fauna. Biodiversity is the collection of both -unique, individual plants and animalsand their species.

Improve Quality of Patient Care Using Electronic Remit Advice (ERA)

Posting insurance payments seems quite remote from quality of patient care. Yet it is instrumental in the ongoing drive to improve this primary and most important deliverable of a medical clinic – quality care for each patient. The second most important deliverable for medical clinics is to have each patient recognize the care received was excellent. Achieving the second objective dramatically improves the first because patient perception of quality is as important as the actual care, perhaps even more so. This is not about political spin or accounting trickery. It is about getting credit with your patients for the great medical work you do. Do not compromise your work by non-medical patient interfaces that are less than effective.

Is Live In Care the Best Option for Families?

Do you have older members of the family living with you? Live in care may help improve their quality of life now that they are becoming frail and sickly. Read on and find out if this is the best option.

How To Handle Incorrect Postings and Other Problems With Patient Billing Transactions

Transaction posting problems in medical practice management systems often are data driven rather than caused by programming errors. A careful review of relevant information by the programming staff will confirm the problem and identify its source. Users must take time to provide adequate examples and other information as requested. Programmers know their software and the data generally but the data specifics vary widely. This article will help the user work with a technical team to find and resolve posting and other data or programming problems.

The Glaring Hole In Health Care For The Very Old

The population in the United States and other industrialized western countries is living longer. The need for quality specialists and increased knowledge in the discipline of geriatric medicine is apparent.

Tasks of a Certified Nurse Assistant

If you’re planning to pursue a medical career, get a headstart by being a certified nursing assistant. Here’s what you need to know.

3 Essential Issues a Surrogate Mother Needs to Consider

Becoming a surrogate mother is a wonderful gift you can give another couple. By acting as a gestational parent, you are enabling a childless couple to fulfill their dream of having a baby who shares their genetic heritage. However, there is no doubt that opting for surrogacy, either gestational or traditional, can be a life-changing experience.

Planning a Career in Healthcare Services? How About Phlebotomy?

A career in Phlebotomy not only abounds in privileges but is also very satisfying as it allows you an opportunity to reach out to others. For those aspiring to become a Phlebotomy technician, here’s a quick overview of the same.

How To Make Meaningful Use Of The Many Changes You Made To Obtain Meaningful Use Certification

There will be clinic and office procedures that will need to be changed, modified or completely replaced. None of these changes are inherently bad. Mostly changes are just that, changes. Making something useful of them is the issue. If for example, you modified the way coding and therefore billing for procedures work

Medical Equipment To Take Note Of

The medical field is one that continues to grow and change, and we can be thankful that it does so. After all, we can take advantage of those changes in medicine to improve our health in many different ways. The fact the matter is, however, although medicine continues to improve in numerous ways, it also stays the same in some ways as well. Here are some of the different types of medical equipment that are available today that will continue to take care of your health in numerous ways.

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