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Manage Patients’ Appointment Schedules on Handheld Devices

Now you can manage your medical center while away! All you need is handheld device and Online Patient Appointment Scheduler is all done to serve you! Read on to know unique features of this revolutionary system…

4 Most Common Medical Errors and What to Do About Them

If we know the kind of patient-harming medical mistakes that are likely to happen and why they are prone to happen, we have a fighting chance to beat them and get mistake-free care. Fortunately, safety experts have studied why medical errors occur. This article describes four of the most common errors and how patients can protect themselves.

Quickly Improve the Quality of Your Healthcare Site

Rapid cycle improvement is a term often used in health care to describe creating quick fixes to problems employees encounter. In the Toyota Production System it is named Kaizen event. This approach to problem solving is focused on developing quick fixes and is in contrast to the more beneficial Kaizen. This article will teach you in more detail the differences between the two and demonstrate when each should be used.

Entering Into a Medical Clean Room Has a Virgin Sense to It

The curiosity of those medical clean rooms are rather intriguing especially at first sight; when entering one of them it kind of catches you off guard on how sterile it actually is; you are almost afraid to even walk in one afraid that it will now permanently be contaminated by your germs. Entering into a clean room has a strange feeling to it, as though it let your senses know that you should not be there, you are invading it privacy.

HF RFID Enabled Sensors Now Available For Use in Hospitals and Healthcare

The recently released ANSI/HIBCC 4.0 standard, created by the Health Industry Business Communications Council provides guidance for use of item/package level data formatting for product identification plus recommends high and low frequencies for individual passive RFID tags in hospitals and healthcare settings. Now healthcare systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers can use new systems that combine HF RFID with sensors.

Used Sorvall Laboratory Centrifuges

A laboratory centrifuge refers to a piece of motor-driven laboratory equipment that spins liquid samples at high speed. Centrifuges vary according to size and the sample capacity. Sorvall is one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges.

Variable-Speed Micro Centrifuges

Quality variable speed micro centrifuges ensure quiet operation, consistency and accuracy. This centrifuge has a speed limit of up to 13,000 rpm.

Improving Biopsy Procedures With Automated Medical Application Solutions

Biopsy procedures are a fundamental tool for medical personnel to obtain tissue samples and to make accurate diagnosis. Whereas the procedure started as a risky, invasive surgery, advances in medical application solutions have improved biopsies to the minimally invasive procedures that they are today.

What Health Reform Takes Away, Medical Tourism Gives Back

U.S. companies, from whom most employees and their families obtain their insurance coverage, will be under great pressure to drop coverage, shift full-time workers to part-time, or go out of business. Estimates of Americans who will lose their employer-based insurance range from 8 to 19 million.

What to Consider When Selecting a Valuation Professional For a Medical Practice Appraisal

Obtaining a professional opinion of the value of your medical practice can be helpful in a number of capacities. One major catalyst when it comes to obtaining a practice appraisal is a transaction or anticipated transition in the practice. This may involve buying or selling a practice, divorce, estate planning, practice financing, merger, consolidation, or other business combination.

NHS Language Proficiency Test For Foreign Medical Staff

The European Commission has given the green light for the UK to carry out its own NHS Language Proficiency Tests. This article looks at possible changes to the language tests.

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