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Medical Records Management

Imagine that a former patient of your hospital files a lawsuit against your hospital. The charge leveled against your medical center is ‘the mysterious disappearance of the plaintiff’s medical records’. He claims that his medical registration and the files that record the previous treatments undergone by him are nowhere to be found.

Health Care Planning

One of the foremost challenges faced by health care professionals is to formulate a well-devised, well-thought out plan for assisting both the patients as well as the health care givers. Care planning is an essential part of health care, but is often misunderstood or regarded as a waste of time. Without a specific document delineating the plan of care, important issues are likely to be neglected.

How to Find the Right Scrubs

In modern times scrubs apparel are not only for physicians. More often frequently other careers using medical scrubs like dentists and hygienists. Many careers require buy scrubs apparel. There are lots pros of dressing in scrubs apparel.

Empathy & Healthcare

We know the American Cancer Society has told us the most important factor to high rates of cancer is lack of insurance. What this means is that we have to understand that even if we as individuals have adequate health insurance, healthcare in the U.S. today is unequal, unfair and inefficient. The answer to solving this complex problem is to make sure we have both understanding and empathy.

Northwest Hospital – For All Your Medical Needs

The Northwest Hospital and Medical Centre is a state of the art medical facility which is located in Seattle. The hospital was officially opened in 1960 and has undergone evolutionary changes which have improved its facilities considerably with the passing of time.

Tips to Buy New Medical Equipment

Today there are many so many stores that provide medical equipment for clinic use or patient who needs medical equipment for the home use. Since most of this equipment is available in expensive price, you have to be very careful in the shopping process. Choosing the wrong item will only waste your money. Therefore, this article will provide you some tips can guide you to buy new medical equipment.

Your Medical Record And Your Rights

Whenever a person is a patient in any hospital in the U.S., we leave behind a medical record. This record is meant to be a detailed list including what we were originally admitted for and how that diagnosis was treated (i.e. all medications, surgeries, therapies, etc). But, once we are gone from the hospital, what happens to that medical record?

Medical Computer Carts Offer Mobile IT Solutions For Hospitals

Mobile computer carts give nursing staff the ability to document medical history and other information from the patient’s bedside shortly after admission. More recently, features such as bar code readers have been added to medication carts. This technology makes dispensing medication and record keeping faster and it reduces the chance of human error.

Hospital Information For The Times We Live In

Most people view being in the hospital as akin to visiting another planet. It just goes against the grain, as Americans, to place our very selves into the hands of total strangers. There is something unnerving about the entire process: First, we must give every piece of personal information about us to an individual who then feeds it into a vast computer-managed information site. This information (which includes our insurance, social security number, age, race, medical status, reason for being a patient there, even our religious affiliation) is then kept on file for billing purposes but also partially shared in the form of the ID bracelet/band they print out and attach to our wrist.

What is the Value of Ultrasound Gel During a Medical Ultrasound Examination?

Medical Ultrasound relies on the reflection, refraction and scattering of ultrasound waves by the body structures to produce an image. If it did not occur, none of the Ultrasound energy would return to the ultrasound transducer to be converted in to an image.

New Health Care System Forces Doctors to Make Big Decisions Affecting Income

Doctors are facing big decisions of whether or not to even treat Medicare patients anymore and whether or not to be a part of the national health plan. If treatment options and procedures are controlled and rationed by the government, and income for the physicians is sharply decreased, it doesn’t make for a very good business decision to participate.

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