Gentry teacher arrested for sexual assault of former student

Case Study – The Royal London Hospital – Reducing the Spread of Infectious Bacteria

Reducing the spread of bacteria in hospitals is a critical task. Armitage Shanks taps and basins, recently fitted in the Alexander wing of the royal London hospital, are playing their part in helping to defeat this aggressive enemy.

Mobile Phone Health Management in the Developing World

A cell phone is more of a luxury than a necessity, right? Unless you’re a teenage girl, who would probably rather give up food than texting, many of us consider owning a cell phone a wonderful convenience. So in the developing world, where millions have trouble accessing ample food, clean water and basic health care, providing mobile phones would be a wasteful extravagance, right?

Technology Meets Biology

How many times have you tired to fill a prescription, only to be told that the pharmacist has to reach the doctor’s office first because the scrip can’t be read? Doctors, of course, have notoriously bad handwriting, compounded by the fact that they are usually filling out prescription forms while standing and talking to you at the same time. Isn’t it wonderfully easier for everyone involved when your prescription comes printed out from a computer?

Health Care Success – Make Informed Decisions About Surgery

An informed and empowered health care consumer must always ask questions about tests, medications, diagnoses and especially surgery. Follow this guide to get the information you need to make an informed decision about surgery.

Find Out Who is Up For Medicaid Eligibility

Medicaid eligibility varies from state to state. Regardless of the qualifications, the people who are eligible are those belonging to low-income housing with limited resources or those with disabilities as well as mental illnesses. Those who are eligible are not financially poor but are just part of a lower bracket of income.

Brita Filters & Pitchers, Bringing Better Health Options to Your Household

Summary: Bottled water costs a lot and it may not be as healthy as one thinks. Instead, consider processing water from your own water tap and making your own bottled water. In the process, you’ll also be cutting down on environmental waste. That’s a win-win-win situation – your health, your wallet and the environment!

Three Reasons Why Health Care Rationing is Inevitable

During a recent televised debate on healthcare reform between pundits on a popular 24-hour news channel, the topic of healthcare rationing came up. The anti-government-option pundit pointed out the necessity of rationing under the proposed legislation. The pro-government-option pundit retorted, “There already is rationing in the system. It’s just rationed according who can afford to pay.” The significance of this exchange was the acknowledgement that there already is a health care shortage in this country. As noted economist Thomas Sowell once pointed out; “The first rule of economics is that there is never enough supply to meet demand. The first rule of politics is to ignore the first law of economics.”

Death by Doctor

I ran into an acquaintance at a conference the other day. We got to talking about vitamins. (Somehow I always end up talking about vitamins; I could bore a stone.) Doctors recently installed her second pacemaker. She said her ejection fraction-the force with which her heart pumps blood-was ten. Normal is fifty and north; zero is dead.

Why Should You Go For Medical Imaging Equipment Financing?

Imaging is one of the most important aspects of medical diagnosis today. Consequently, it is no wonder that this field, among the many in the field of medicine and surgery, has benefited immensely from the latest developments in the world of technology-more specifically, digital technology. At the same time, medical imaging equipment is a very expensive proposition, which is nonetheless necessary to run a good medical practice.

Chiropractor And Physiotherapist Differences

Because Chiropractors and Physiotherapists both work with patients to improve the patient’s ability to move and function many people get the two professionals confused. The truth is that the two fields are not the same at all.

Health Care Reform is Good For Schools

Over the last couple of months we have heard compelling and sometimes unruly arguments over proposed health care reform in this country. While both the pros and cons of health care reform have been expressed by many, we have yet to hear how health care reform could be an integral and invaluable component to education reform.

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