Greenwood kindergartener found with unloaded handgun in backpack

Medicare and Diabetes Supplies – What Does Medicare Cover?

Nearly 25 percent of the population 60 years and older had diabetes in 2007 according to a 2007 National Diabetes Fact Sheet developed by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The CDC also reports that 57 million people are estimated to have pre-diabetes. This is a condition that puts people at increased risk for diabetes.

Medicare Information – How and Where Do You Get Answers to Your Questions?

Medicare information can seem confusing and overwhelming. On top of that, there are so many “resources” that it’s hard to know who to believe and who to go to for the “right” answers.

The Japanese Health Care System

Japan, a nation with a long life expectancy, a rapidly aging population and a reputation as being expensive, surprising has one of the lowest per capita health care costs among the developed nations. Here is a basic look at the system, how it controls costs and some of its positive and negative points.

Tips For Computer Users to Keep Healthy

Do you work with computers? Spending more than 6 hours on computer? Being a near-sighted? Then it seems that you have to pay your attention on this article if you want to be healthy. I hope you enjoy this post. And please let us know what you think in the comment section.

How to Get the Respect You Deserve in the Hospital

Running a hospital is a very difficult and complicated business. Having said that, there is no reason you should not get the absolute best care you deserve in any hospital. We are not talking about buying a bag of peanuts here folks. We are talking about a lot of pain and suffering incurred by the hospital patients before and after they are admitted to the hospital.

Fining People For Not Having Health Insurance – Good Idea Or Bad?

I want everyone who wants health insurance to be able to get it. I like the idea of preventing insurance companies from ignoring you because of previous medical history, especially history that isn’t likely to recur. But the issue of mandatory coverage is tough for me.

Has Health and Safety Really Gone Mad? No, it Hasn’t!

Health and Safety legislation has saved thousands of lives. Yet for some, it’s become synonymous with today’s compensation culture.

About Ekg Strips and How an EKG Works

If you have ever undergone an electrocardiogram test, then you are probably familiar with the EKG strip and the electrocardiogram (EKG) machine. Undergoing the test once or twice, however would not give you a basic understanding of what exactly EKG strips are and how the EKG machine works.

How to Find a Doctor Who Accepts Medicare Or Medicaid

Finding a doctor who accepts Medicare or Medicaid is not hard to find but you need to call around and check who accepts it. Because of restrictions some doctors do not accept it anymore. It is crucial that you have a physician that will accept your insurance or it may cost you a lot of money when making a visit.

Can I Apply For Medicaid Online?

You cannot apply for Medicaid online currently. However, knowing the eligibility requirements is important in the planning. What is Medicare? Eligibility requirements are based state guidelines. Full disclosures of assets are required for Medicaid benefits.

A Healthcare Plan That Extends Life & Saves $3.7 Trillion

The American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M) published a wellness-oriented healthcare plan that could save $3.7 trillion dollars and add 29 years to your life. A low cost, high yield reform plan that makes sense.

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