Grieving Barling mother gets scammed by monument company

Medical Emergency Insurance Deny Claims

The title of this blog is not written in a coherent sentence. Why did I do that? The reason is really quite simple; you see, that exact phrase is typed into two search engines (Google and Yahoo) a total of 45 times every day.

Best Odds For Coming Out Alive

Researching your choice of hospital can save your life. Statistics are made available that will give you the information you need to be a good healthcare consumer.

Medical Claims and Billing Firms

If you go to Google and type in “medical billing”, you will get 6.4 million results. How do you make heads or tails of that volume of information?

Assignment of Claims to Health Care Providers

Seems like a simple concept doesn’t it? Amazingly, so many practices just fail to get all of the information signed and in place. I often run into practices where the money is going to the patient and not to the provider.

Building a Strong Doctor-Patient Relationship

A sound relationship with your doctor is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are some things you can do to improve the effectiveness of that relationship.

Understanding Medical Reports – Their Use and Function

From the moment that a person walks into a hospital, clinic or doctors office, medical reports will begin to be compiled on them. Not only will the information gathered for these reports include what basically and most obviously ails them but also reports will be compiled on any number of other issues and items. The end result, is a complete series of reports that cover a persons health and lack of it in its entirety.

Health Care Costs, Not High Enough?

According to a most recent Health Plan Survey, few employers have adopted wellness practices with their employee populations as an effort to curtain rising health care costs. The interesting thing is that these programs have been proven to derive a positive return on investment once implemented, which begs the question – Are Health Care Costs High Enough Yet? One might argue that they are not high enough (obviously, since they have not influenced employers to do all in their power to save on the costs).

Quality Health Care and the Uninsured

Are you entitled to quality health care if you are uninsured? Does not having health insurance make your life less important than the insured individual? Insured or not your life is valuable and all options should be explored before dismissing a person because they are uninsured.

Weightless Surgery

In this article, I have touched a new kind of surgery where doctors perform surgery in zero gravity condition. It is a revolutionary step in the field of surgery and space.

Wheelchair Lifts – Commercial and Residential Models

Wheel chair lifts are used in homes, offices, and a variety of public buildings. Since, the usage of wheelchair lifts in houses and commercial buildings varies and the way in which the lift is handled differs with different users, residential and commercial vertical platform lifts differ in their features so as to match different situations.

Wheelchair Stair Lift to Suit Your Budget and Needs

Wheelchair stair lifts ensure increased mobility and independence to physically disabled and aged people. Wheelchair stair lifts are conceptualized to suit your budget and needs. These lifts can be quickly installed and are comfortable to use.

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