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Healthcare Reform In The News

Anyone who has picked up a newspaper or turned on the news over the past few years has surely heard quite a lot about healthcare reform. It has been one of the hottest topics surrounding President Obama’s term and continues to play out in the news. It can be a bit complicated to follow, but it is important for everyone to understand the reform since it will affect each citizen.

What Is Meaningful Use?

Meaningful use is a term that we see more and more of these days in relation to healthcare reform. However, not many people actually know what this term actually means. Read more…

The Changing Face of Medical Regulations

These days, it is difficult to open up a newspaper or turn on the television news without hearing quite a lot about medical reform. Changes to the healthcare industry seem to be happening rapidly lately and it can be difficult for the average citizen to keep up. However, it is important for everyone to understand the changes clearly, because it at one time or another will personally affect them.

Surgery Is Not Always Necessary, Most Surgeries Are Fear-Motivated

This article provides an overview of the types of surgeries performed, most being avoidable. Several years ago a committee of the American Congress investigating procedures of surgery in the United States came to the conclusion that 2.4 million operations are performed unnecessarily each year, costing 12,000 lives and 4 billion US dollars. The latest figures show that some 6 million unnecessary operations are performed each year. Another study found that most people who were accepted for an operation did not actually need one and half of them did not even require medical treatment. What applies to small operations, also applies to big operations. The need for surgical intervention is indicated only in certain extreme situations.

Paid Medical Research Studies

Paid medical research studies are a unique chance for you to contribute to your community, the world of medicine and science, and earn some extra money. There are many different types of paid medical studies that are being conducted throughout the year and you can browse through all of the possible options before deciding on the one that is right for you. Think about it for a minute.

Important Tips to Consider When Buying Argan Oil

The easiest method to select the best Argan oil is actually by doing a bit of research regarding the pure and natural oil, investigating the right retail stores that supply the best Argan oil, and searching in shops which support the resource efficiency to Argan trees. Argan oil is known for its numerous organic properties…

Locum Tenens Medical Staffing: A First Responder When Disaster Strikes

Locum tenens physicians and medical recruiting providers supply an invaluable service when disaster strikes. As seen in the recent Haitian earthquake, locum doctors’ unique professional skills make them ideal first responders for emergency situations.

Tips to Be Fit and Healthy

Everybody wants to be healthy, of course. However, there are certain times when we, ourselves, are the ones who are causing destruction to our body. Factors such as excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages, cigarette smoking or worst, taking in drugs are the main contributors of sicknesses and even death.

Understanding Complexities Of Medical Billing For Patients

Why it is necessary to understand the medical billing process.  It is to aid patients to have a better control of financial responsibility, obtain peace of mind and enhance the overall health care experience.

All About EMR and Why You Need EMR For Your Practice

The US healthcare industry is looking forward to many technological and industry based implementations in the forth coming years. With the deadline fast approaching for ICD10, version 5010 Compliance, ACO program and EMR implementation, hospitals & healthcare organizations are busy working out plans for smooth transition of these ventures. ICD10 and ACO implementations are being anticipated with the view to improve quality of healthcare in the US.

Today’s Physicians Wear Too Many Hats

Today’s physicians many times are left wearing too many hats. For example they are the nurse, front desk, back office, office manager and medical biller. I like to use the term Dr. Drowning Don. This phrase accurately describes how loaded down in paperwork today’s Doctors find themselves. As a Dr. Drowning Don, they are a Doctors who has been in business for a while but they currently have a biller or office manager who doesn’t quite know what they are is doing or their biller up and quit and left they a trail of unfiled or denied claims. Whatever the case, they’re the one stuck trying to figure it all out. They realize that without claims being filed timely and accurately and steady continuous cash flow coming in, overhead expenses cannot be met and their practice will face disastrous financial difficulties.

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