Investigation underway for shooting that left one man dead in Poteau

Emergency Physician Reimbursement and Billing – Evaluation and Management Assessment

One of the best ways to determine if your emergency physicians are capturing all of the services they are rendering is to compare your own Medicare patients evaluation and management (E&M) levels to the BESS data (Medicare Part B Extracted Summary System). Your billing company should provide you with data that precisely mirrors the BESS data. Because this isolates only Medicare patients being taken care of by physicians registered as ER providers, it is sort of a controlled comparison, so that most of the variations of your group’s patient population are removed. The image example in this article shows the BESS data is outperforming the group. The group’s level 3s are significantly higher, 4s slightly higher, 5s are…

Colonoscopy – The Peek Inside

Colonoscopy is nothing about colonies but about the colon situated inside our body. It may sound like a solid object but is not a matter of worry as colon is the medical name for large intestine. Colonoscopy procedure is the internal examination of the colon and rectum, using an instrument called a colonoscope.

Medical Equipment For Scientific and Research Laboratories

Sourcing medical equipment from leading distributors of laboratory equipment enables scientific and research laboratories to benefit from high quality and technologically advanced devices. Scientific and research laboratories have to maintain quality equipment for efficient performance of laboratory functions.

Agarose and Its Use In The Laboratory

Agarose is used in a variety of life science applications however its main use in the laboratory is for gel electrophoresis. Various types of proteins affix to the agarose which makes it very useful for separation techniques in the laboratory.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Integrate Manual Therapy Into Your Current Program

I want this article to reach out to practitioners, trainers and the general public because I feel that everyone needs to implement some form of manual therapy into their program. Whether it’s a monthly Massage Therapy treatment, a bi-weekly A.R.T. visit, or a weekly laser therapy session, I believe that any and all therapies will not only make your program better, but it will make your program work better for you.

Medical Environment: Several Ways To Prevent Health Hazards

Despite the clean and orderly impression we get from rehabilitation settings and healthcare centers, there are still many life threatening diseases wandering about, such as HIV, hepatitis, and infections. Toxic substances, drugs for cancer treatment, and cleaning agents are also present, and all pose a risk to the workers. In their work, the orderlies and nurses may sometimes have to do demanding tasks, like patient lifting, in which they are exposed to various diseases, experience stress, and sometimes have to deal with aggression from patients.

Health and Human Services Getting Serious on HIPAA Violations

IT can assure HIPAA compliance by running its servers and data storage in HIPPA compliant data centers that address the physical, data and network security. The best way to assure this security is in place is to ask to review the data center’s SAS 70 or SSAE 16 audit report.

Ultrasound Technicians and Their Training

People who are in the field of being qualified medical technologists now find that they are in very big demand and this also applies to people who are qualified ultrasound technicians. Those who are qualified are sure to understand how the internal parts and structure of the body work and they are very capable of assessing the quality of the pictures and images that they find.

Can You Trust Your Doctor?

Are you a latrophobe? Many people are and which is a worry as missing out on the early stages of many illnesses can be fatal. This article will convince you that you should trust your doctor now.

Re-Engineering Healthcare

Last year Jim Champy published “Re-engineering Health Care: A Manifesto for Radically Rethinking Health Care Delivery”. The book was review in the Wall Street Journal, which recommended it as a must read for health care executives. This article reviews the major concepts of the book as viewed from the author’s perspective in a live interview with Mr. Bryant.

Locate the Very Best Medical Equipment for the Most Reasonable Prices

Doctors do not use their hands alone in order to save lives. They need the help and assistance of medical equipment in order to cure an ailment and to put a person back to his or her healthy state. Lives rely on these mechanisms and that is why hospitals, clinics and health centers must only use the best and the most effective. Device malfunction is a major no-no, as a slight inconsistency in results can result in life or death situation.

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