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Facts About Radiology Jobs

It is a fact that radiologist shortage is an ongoing issue affecting a wide range of countries all over the world. In order to attract talented and qualified individuals, healthcare facilities have been announcing jobs with higher salaries for radiologists and radiology technicians. For instance, in the United Sates, radiologists and radiology technicians jobs opportunities and salaries vary between states.

Medical Practice Management Software – A New Found Friend

If you have a medical office that is growing and you want to save time, money and effort, then you might need a helping hand to make things easier. As time passes by, there are many records to be kept and be preserved. But what mostly happens is, patients come and go and until the time that you will face a pile of records and you’ll find it difficult to recover and track them.

Mobile Screening Services Aid Corporate Wellness Costs

If an illness is detected in its early stage, it can either be prevented or cured quickly. Most people do not go a health professional for minor pains and aches, despite having insurance, because the co-payments are too expensive. The concept of mobile screening services has come up in recent times to assist in Corporate Wellness Costs.

Employee Health Contributes to Company’s Bottom Line

The employees of the company are its backbone. A group of hardworking and dedicated employees forms the very strength internal to the business. Health programs in organizations are one of the important tools for retaining the hardworking employees or those who have a great potential for offering his or her services to the company.

Is There an Association Between Nail Fungus and Your Beauty Shop?

Are you worried about your nail fungus? Some of the concerns about nail fungus people with fake nails have. How did I get It and what do they do to rid them selves from the bacteria. Will I be able to manage It? Some of the real truths about where you may have contracted It in the first place and what It will take to manage your condition.

Herbs Versus Drugs

There can be no comparison between the fresh, dried or extracted herb which is left complete in its natural composition and the artificial product of the chemist’s laboratory where “active ingredients” have been synthesized. Chemical formulae can replicate the recipe but cannot reproduce the life element of the original therapeutic value offered by nature.

The World of Chaos – Organized Medicine + Politics = Health Care Reform

We used to say the two biggest lies are “The check is in the mail” and “It won’t hurt a bit.” Now, there is a third biggest lie, which is, “We have the best health care system in the world,” as Bill Clinton and George Bush uttered repeatedly during their respective terms. On the other hand, all of the standard measures of health care quality points to ours as being “the best substandard price-gouging health care system in the world”. Find out what’s really wrong and why no one wants to fix it.

Bioclave Benchtop Autoclaves

BioClave benchtop autoclaves are superbly equipped to carry out the steam sterilization of research tools and consumables in a safe, convenient and affordable manner. BioClave Benchtop…

Becton Dickinson Blood Culture Systems

Becton Dickinson is a leading global company that aims to advance the discovery and delivery of drugs and improve the diagnosis of infectious and life-threatening diseases. The blood culture systems of this company are fully automated microbiology growth and detection systems for automated microbiology growth and detection.

Personal Dicom Archive – The iMed Stor

The iMed Stor 300, a DICOM device that is used by hospitals and medical facilities as a state-of-the-art digital imaging storage unit, can be used by small and mid-sized medical offices to good advantage as a personal archive for digital images in the DICOM format. Because the iMed Stor 300 is DICOM compliant, it can work in conjunction with both your RIS system capabilities and is also fully PACS compatible as well.

ImageGrid Represents a Feature-Rich Paradigm Shift in PACS

Now with the sharp price drop in all manner of electronic equipment and personal computers, the cost of a PACS server is well within reach for smaller and mid-sized medical offices. ImageGrid offers an affordable and fully integrated storage and server appliance that also provides medical facilities with features and capabilities that were once only found with expensive PACS solutions.

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