Lawsuit filed after recreational marijuana denied for November ballot

Why Online Doctor Consultation Is the New ‘In’ Thing in Healthcare

The rising popularity of online doctor consultation has made almost everyone perk up and pay attention. What is online doctor consultation and why should you use it? Is this the next ‘in’ thing which will revolutionise healthcare?

3 Healthcare Marketing Secrets You Never Knew

Marketing a healthcare business is tough! The Healthcare Industry is a unique field because while you deal with the very sensitive nature of your patients’ treatment, which often frighten you, make you vulnerable or confuse you, you also work in a very scientific and avant-garde industry where treatments, tools and systems in constant evolution. Today, healthcare providers are rarely caught up in the new health marketing strategy and sales processes or respond to technological advances.

Why People Don’t Understand Acupuncture & Chiropractic

There are over 100,000 holistic healthcare professionals in the US, yet the majority of the public is unaware of the benefits they provide. Why?

Practice Transformation

As payers, insurers, are paying for value in healthcare, providers need to transition to value-based care. Fee for service will be around for a while, but a practice will not be able to generate new revenue if they choose to ignore value-based care. This article illustrates way providers can begin the transformation that will result in better care at a reduced cost.

6 Important Qualities of CQC Registered Social Care Providers

It is in human nature that we crave for care and attention but sometimes circumstances do not permit to get the desired attention. The CQC registered social care service providers are the best resort for the people who want to get the care and security and live a life with dignity.

Do You Have Soul Stress?

Almost everyone is stressed. Stress is insidious. We tend to underestimate the affects of stress and unaware of the detrimental affects to our health. Stress is killing us.

Patient Centric Digital Health Care Promises More Accessibility and Financially Competence

Health care organizations have received appreciable support from the digital disruptive environment in their quest to deliver value based health care as opposed to volume based health care. Digital health care has transformed the way organizations store their patient data, exchange data on-the-go and secure sensitive data. However, more and more care delivery settings have realized that in order to succeed, they must view patients as central to their focus rather than as mere stakeholders.

What You Must Know About Breaking Bad News to Patients

As a physician, one of the challenges you might have frequently encountered is the uncomfortable task of breaking bad news. However, making an informed attempt to breaking bad news will surely pave the way towards an easy decision-making process for you and your patient.

What Are the Major Categories of the Hospitality Industry?

The hospitality industry is split between many different categories. Typically, food, accommodation and travel are the most popular and gain the most attention. The ability to be successful in this industry is highly related to the quality of customer serviced provided.

The Office Visit Ritual

The Office Visit is a cultural tradition like making a marriage proposal or choosing the right shirt. Today it creates frustration and distrust in everyone involved.

You Need Patient Advocacy

Healthcare in the U.S. is broken and only getting worse. Here are just a few examples of why:

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