MPD: Body found in South Memphis identified as missing teacher

Recertified Coagulation Analyzers

Coagulation analyzers are used in clinical laboratories for coagulation testing and other medical research applications. Recertified analyzers are a perfect option for clinical research facilities that are looking for reasonably priced equipment. Recertified coagulation analyzers are reconditioned to offer superior performance and precision and work as well as new.

Revamping a Technological Health Care System

This article will discuss the move from medical records on paper to computed medical records. The entire country is making a move to a new and exciting medical world of data.

The Growing Importance of Medical Alert Alarm Systems

Medical alert alarm systems are one of best security alarm systems that help disabled and elderly family members living alone at home. The panic button, base unit, and Response Center are key features of Medical alert alarm systems that provide immediate medical assistance in an emergency.

The Internet Holds the Best Ways to Recruit Physicians

As hospitals and health organizations seek cost effective ways to recruit medical doctors, they are increasingly relying on Internet technology to attract qualified job seekers. The Internet as a medium of contacting competent doctors have been utilized by hospitals and health institutions for cost effective measures. In the aim of obtaining employees through cost efficient measures, the Internet has been considered an adequate tool by many hospitals and health care groups.

Hospital Infections Seem to Be Declining in 2010

Find out the truth about Hospital Infections and see if they are right for you at this time. Read our review on Hospital Infections and enjoy this article.

Doctors Are More Concerned About Medicare Than Ever

Find out the truth about Medicare and see if it is right for you at this time. Read our review on Medicare and enjoy this article.

The Use of Fiber Optics in the Medical Field

Although fiber optics is an innovation in telecommunications technology, it is also a discovery in medicine. Because fiber optics is made of very thin and flexible strands of plastic or glass fiber, it can be used in the medical field for various diagnoses like endoscopy.

A Look at Some Top Children’s Hospitals

With technology improving on a daily basis, and ground breaking research being carried out it is no wonder there are some top children’s hospitals in the world. Patients are being treated more successfully, and fewer children have to suffer or die due to little knowledge and poor hospital conditions.

Managing Your Doctor – Make the Most of Your Visit

Managing your life is a lot like managing a company. You sit in the corner office as CEO and manage your team of employees who may include (but are by no means limited to) your accountant, personal trainer, lawyer, hair stylist, and, most relevantly, your physician.

The Value of a Good Doctor

There is always a time that we need to seek the professional help of a doctor. Usually, it happens whenever we get sick. We tell everything that happens during the course of our illness. After several medical work-ups and conversations, the doctor will diagnose our condition.

Improving Efficiency Can Reduce the Cost of Healthcare

The Healthcare industry as a whole has become the focus of both the government and private sector throughout the United States. Federal, state, and local governments have spent the majority of the last 18 months focused on changes aimed at reducing costs and improving patient care. This can be a daunting task when considering the challenges at hand. Although seemly different, the government and the private sector seem to have the same goal in mind: increased efficiency.

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