New U.S. Marshals Museum President and C.E.O. to start soon.

ChemWell 2910 Chemistry Analyzer for Medical Laboratories

ChemWell 2910 is an open and easy to program system that can set up assays, routine jobs, quality control, panels, and even index calculations to suit specific medical laboratory needs. Users can select from a wide selection of monitoring and reporting styles.

Telehealth Services and the Growth in Physician Opportunities

Telehealth services are growing in popularity due to both the convenience and proven effectiveness associated with it. There is a now a convergence of events that both patients and the telehealth industry benefit from; a) Information Technology facilitates telehealth services to make them affordable and accessible, b) the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obama Care”, incentivizes telehealth as a cost effective medical service, and c) more than twenty states and Washington D.C. have also enacted legislation that mandates private healthcare insurance coverage of telehealth when the same service is covered at an in-office visit. Ironically, while ensuring healthcare insurance for all Americans, the Affordable Care Act is also bringing millions of new people into a system that has a growing shortage of physicians. This brings new opportunities for physicians in telehealth.

Pilates: An Exercise Phenomenon

The physical exercise of Pilates was first developed by German contrologist Joseph Pilates in the 20th century (1883 – 1967). After suffering from multiple illnesses including: asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever, he decided to dedicate his entire life to improving his physical strength.

Get a Move On ICD10 Implementation

This next year a huge change is going to be required – ICD10 coding will go into affect. If you have not started figuring out how this will affect your staff and the hospitals cash flow, you need to read this article.

Experimental Models of Healthcare Delivery

The passage of the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare or the ACA) in 2010 represented the most significant US healthcare reform since the creation of Medicare. Perhaps the most well-known (and hotly contested) portion of the law mandates that small business owners with more than 50 full-time staff must provide some form of health insurance coverage for their full-time employees or risk paying a financial penalty for each full-time employee left uninsured. The Affordable Care Act was designed to address the vast number of American citizens (over 50 million in 2012) who did not possess health insurance coverage…

Natural Resource Conservation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

There is a wide variation between the botanical sources for pharmaceutical drugs and their eventual form fit for human consumption. A variation so wide, in fact, that much of the public may not realize how indispensable certain kinds of plant and animal life are to continued pharmaceutical drug development.

What Are 3 Advantages Of Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the energy exploited coming from the sun. Solar hails from the Latin term “sol”. The sun’s energy is very powerful and once harnessed by use of modern tools can support life.

Pediatric Medicine And Children – Finding the Natural Pediatrician!

Many parents are concerned with the increasing trend in treating children with prescription medications and antibiotics and are looking for a pediatrician who believes in integrating the advances of modern pediatric medicine with preventive care and natural approaches to health. Many of the drugs prescribed are unnecessary and even harmful. For example, antibiotics are usually prescribed to treat upper respiratory tract infections.

Lean Consulting in Hospitals

How to become a lean hospital – the kind of healthcare facility that saves money and staff time, without decreasing patient care. How do you improve the materials management – of medical devices, medical supplies, and medical equipment? This article will deal with further lean healthcare consulting choices.

Where in the HIE Are You?

Meaningful Use has a requirement that your organization participate in a Health Information Exchange (HIE). This means that certain pieces of a patient’s record needs to be accessible by other organizations (whether they use the same EMR system as your organization or a different system).

HIPAA Omnibus Rule

New ruling for HIPAA came out with new requirements that had to be met by late 2013 and some requirements in 2014. If you have not met the requirements, this article will explain the new requirements.

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