Northwest Health suspends EMS contract in Benton County

The Importance of Honesty in the Workplace

Quality health conducts a comprehensive employee health and wellness awareness program for corporates in order for them to achieve improved productivity.Learn ideas that you can easily implement in your office.

A Guide to Choosing Draw Weight For a Recurve Bow

If you have not been taught on how to shop properly do not worry it is not as hard as we all make it seem. Your other choice is to basically exercise all the time. You will be disappointed on more occasions if you do this.

Treating a Runny Nose

Buy ClearNasal™ for relief from sinus, pollen, allergies & blocked nose. Available in Daily Usage, Starter Kit or Refill Sachets on at best prices

Product Review: Canon Medical Aquilion Prime SP CT System

With a capability to generate 160 unique slices per rotation, Aquilion Prime SP CT system is designed to increase throughput and reduce exam time. The highly efficient and AI-based CT scan system can save about 30-40% of diagnostic time of physicians and create a safe hospital environment leveraging rapid decontamination system. The sudden outbreak of coronavirus led to an increased demand for imaging solutions to detect abnormalities in the chest among patients with a high clinical suspicion of infection.

Product Review: Bio-Rad Laboratories CFX Opus 96 and CFX Opus 384

The application of a real-time Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) system in the field of molecular diagnostics has become a standard method for identifying nucleic acids from collected microbial samples. The real-time PCR (also known as RT-PCR) systems are sensitive, rapid, precise, and minimize the risk of contamination while being employed for various research procedures such as detection and expression analysis of genes, quantitative genotyping, early diagnosis of diseases, forensics, etc. Ever since the introduction of RT-PCR, the technology is just getting better with each medical innovation.

Stress Is the Killer

Nature-Based virtual reality content is an innovative and unique methodology that decreases stress and anxiety levels non-toxically. STRESS is the killer. We know that by reducing stress and anxiety recovery periods for patients within therapeutic facilities are shortened, whether the diagnosis reflects physiological or psychological imbalances. If you thought it was possible to cut 10% off patient care expenditures using a non-invasive, low-cost stress reduction protocol implementing Virtual Reality would you not try it?

Yoga Retreat in India

Yoga TTC in India provides a perfect blend of traditional teachings infused with the right sources and ambiance to practice the art in its purest form. Undergo cleansing rituals and practices for complete purification of the mind and body, while traditional Thai massage with trained therapists work towards restoring the body vials back into its form. The training delivers you onto the path of self-discovery and gives you all the tools you need to spread the benefits of yoga to others. Here are some of the core highlights of Yoga Teacher Training: 1)Teachings of the most ancient form of yoga styles: Hatha and Ashtanga. Many sacred and contemporary yoga forms have emerged from these two yoga styles that are practiced across the globe. Learning of these two classical forms helps deepen the roots in authentic yogic science. 2)Education of the human anatomy and how body functions and responds to the practice of yoga. The practice of yoga includes body movements and breathing techniques that require a thorough understanding of the human mechanism. Website:

Healthcare Revolution in Pakistan

Healthcare is a leading industry in Pakistan instead of being called as service. Since long time, no such policy was introduced by the government until 2010. Taking an initiative by then Chief Minister of Punjab Mr.

Not A Morning Person? Here Are Some Fruitful Tips For You

All the healthy tips that a “not so morning person” needs to be productive and workaholic for the whole day. Morning is the first step of either a healthy or a dull and lazy day. choice is yours.

Health Disparities: Minimizing Societal Inequities’ Impact in Patient Care

The United States has a long and well documented history of systemic disparities. These disparities exist in many areas including employment, education, housing and health. Given the above, health care providers must ensure they are doing their part to not only bring awareness to societal inequities, but also recognize the impact they can have on treatment delivery, patient self-management and collaborative treatment planning between provider and patient.

Why Do You Need Flu Vaccinations?

Influenza is a serious disease that millions of people get every season, thousands of people are hospitalized each year and hundreds of people die from flu related causes. Every season the flu virus is different and can affect people in different ways.

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