NWA has Monkeypox vaccine available for those who need it

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

In this article we talk about the definition and implementation of the different Accountable Care Organizations across America. There was a popular belief all across the United States that the expenses on health care are quite expensive. Hence those who can afford it always jump to grab a health insurance.

What’s Wrong With Worksite Wellness and What Would Make It Right?

It is time to rebrand and refocus worksite wellness in ways that emphasize practical skills that make life at work and beyond more rewarding and enjoyable. Current programs are boring, medicalized and avoided by employees who need lifestyle education the most. It’s time to emphasize improved physical and mental well-being. Move all risk reduction, medical management and traditional health education to another department. Unveil a wellness option that is fun, challenging, practical, exciting and even controversial at times, but in good ways that teach life lessons (e.g., tolerance and pluralism).

Diagnostics In India

The Indian Diagnostics segment is undergoing tremendous advancements. Some of the key issues of the Indian Diagnostics segments are about IVD, Molecular Diagnostics, Regulatory issues and practices.

SOX Compliance

SOX compliance is a major requirement for American corporate entities. SOX, or Sarbanes-Oxley Act, is a piece of legislation that is aimed at protecting investor interests and regulating corporate governance.

All About Vacutainer Tubes

Analysis of blood samples has been one of the most important diagnostic tools available for the detection and treatment of diseases. Although blood samples in minute quantities can be taken from finger tips by the process known as fingerstick sampling, larger quantities of blood samples (2-10ml) can be obtained by a process known as venipuncture. Although a needle and syringe are still the most common method of drawing blood in the developing countries, blood sample collection in is done using an evacuated tube know as a vacutainer (Vacuum Container)

Crown Jewel Care in Healthcare

Clinicians today face intense competition for consumers’ health care dollars from a multitude of sources. At the end of the day, a successful practice has one important quality to leverage: an outstanding customer experience. Providers in any setting can use this to become more competitive and service their current clients more effectively at the same time.

Stop Overeating With Bariatric Surgery

Since its years of success, bariatric surgery, also coined as weight loss surgery, has experienced a steady growth in popularity and has been widely done in the United States. Recent studies document how surgeons and researchers alike have extensively observed patients who have undergone bariatric surgeries.

A Sleeve Gastrectomy Can Greatly Improve Your Life

Have you made the decision to get a sleeve gastrectomy and you are beginning to regret your decision because of fear? Well, there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t allow your anxieties or worries make you change your mind.

Causes Needing And Uses For Orthopedic Surgery

There may be times when orthopedic surgery is something that is necessary. Consider some of these things that it could help to make better and to improve your life.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Electronic Medical Records?

EMR is the abbreviation for electronic medical records. It is a process of transferring written reports on a digital medium. In most of the hospitals and healthcare sectors, doctors and physicians record every single patient’s diagnosis, treatment and medical prescription either on paper or on a Dictaphone. The recording is then accessed by authorized online medical transcription companies which transcribes and digitizes the records before transferring them back to the doctor in a computerized format. The computerized documents are then ready to be accessed by the doctor for reference. There are some companies that use highly advanced software that allows monitoring of clinical events such as analyzing information to predict, determine and prevent adverse medical conditions, processing discharge orders or transfer to another department, processing prescription, laboratory and radiology results.

Orthopedic Doctors Can Provide Relief From Pain

When you are suffering from chronic pain, take the time to learn what orthopedic doctors do and how they perform their jobs. This is not a simple procedure to be taken lightly, but it can be very helpful.

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