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Features of Online Patient Appointment Scheduling System

If you wonder what all benefits come with online patient appointment scheduling system, read on the article. The system not only helps in medical management but also helps in generating good revenues.

Patient Appointment Scheduler – Now Enhanced With Google Synchronization

Now the Doctor Appointment Scheduling System is enhanced with unique feature called Google Synchronization. It helps in accessing the health care center from anywhere, anytime.

Concierge Medicine – A Personalized Healthcare Experience

Concierge medicine is defined as is a relationship between a patient and a primary care physician in which the patient pays an annual fee or retainer. In general, Concierge physicians care for fewer patients than in a conventional practice.

The Industry of Health Care

The healthcare industry is complex and unique among other U.S. industries in terms of its organization, the actors that shape the industry, the role that non-profit entities play, and the seemingly disparate economic incentives in place. It employs a paradoxical mix of the latest in medical technology and the necessary human touch, corporate formalization and cottage-industry inefficiency, high quality and low quality, and sophistication and naivete.

A History of Digital Radiography

However, since that time, digital radiography has been implemented into more and more large and small hospitals, imaging centers and medical facilities an in many areas of specialization. Popular imaging systems in use today include the CR and DR systems.

The Front Desk Staff – Patient Registration

Consider that the front desk person is the face of the practice to the public. This person must be highly engaged and accountable for the duties performed. This person often is the one who obtains personal information from the patient that is necessary to process the bill.

Healthcare Disasters

Disaster Healthcare Response. Planning and coordination. Different tiers.

Exchanging Patient Data

In 2004, President George W. Bush established, by executive order, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONCHIT) to work toward facilitating the use of information technology throughout healthcare. The coordinator lead the federal effort to create interoperable health information systems able to seamlessly share individual health information.

Medical Practices Reviewed

Not so many years ago, physicians, like other professionals, would complete their professional training and hang out a shingle, letting their selected communities know that they were available to provide services. Most Physicians practiced alone, sharing after-hours calls with others in their specialty.

The Front Desk Staff – Benefits Verification

Benefits verification should occur before any service is provided. In fact, the practice should create and enforce a policy that ensures benefits are verified prior to the provision of services.

Billing Systems in a Practice

Small practices have the ability to use manual processes for billing. While this option is available, the complexity of billing, along with reporting needs and forms creation, all but mandate the need for a computerized billing system. Several options exist-from a scheduling/billing platform to a fully integrated practice management system that includes electronic medical records.

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