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Health IT – FCC Broadband Vote Ushers In A New Era For Telemedicine

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has voted to allow the healthcare industry to use protected broadband space to develop and deploy mobile body area networks (MBANs). MBAN’s will set aside broadband spectrum for wireless healthcare monitoring devices that is free of transmission interference from Wi-Fi and other high-powered consumer devices including smart phones and tablets. This ruling is expected to serve as a driver for both innovation and connectivity, which are two key elements needed to lowering healthcare costs and improving patient care.

Avail The Trouble-Free Alternatives

Science has indeed developed a lot over the time and has provided the human race with economical alternatives of everything, even the natural elements such as light and oxygen. Can we ever imagine surviving without oxygen? You might be thinking that even if a little of concentration of the life-providing air would drop, then you would have to face some critical consequences.

Evasive Action to Overbearing Healthcare Reform

With the June 28, 2012 ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States in declaring the Affordable Care Act constitutional, very important personal decisions need to be made by Joe and Jill Citizen as to how they will deal with the changes as it relates to their conscious health decisions. For instance, in order to keep the plan as cost effective as possible steps may be implemented to limit doctors in the types of treatments they can provide their patients. Is this something Joe and Jill Citizen is ready to contend with?

Risks of Developing Vaginal Infection

Another common cause of urinary tract infection is sexual intercourse because the anatomy of women can make them much more prone to UTI’s. During sexual intercourse, bacterial in the woman’s vagina are sometimes rubbed into the urethra.

What Is An EHR Consultant?

Due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA), patients’ medical information is undergoing a change from paper to Electronic Health Records (EHRs). These mandated provisions can be tough to comprehend, which is where an EHR consultant can be of great assistance. An EHR consultant specializes in the protection of patients’ right to privacy and ensures that everything adheres to the act’s provisions.

Exercising Your Way Through Pregnancy: A Guide for Expectant Mothers

Although a lot of women associate pregnancy with being lethargic and feeling heavy or unable to move, this does not mean that you should stop exercising. Doing exercises is good for anyone and is even more beneficial for expectant mothers.

Understanding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

When it comes to hospital medical transcription, transcribers do not just translate audio to text; there are also some legal matters that have to be put into consideration when working. As a transcriber, whether you are working at home or at a transcription company, it is important to take note of the HIPAA. The HIPAA act or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a law that protects all individuals when it comes to the privacy of their medical records.

Why Are Biological Microscopes Needed?

Microscopy is an important aspect of biology. Different kinds of microscopes (and lenses) are used for different purposes. These allow scientists, doctors and students, in the field of biology, to study various biological organisms, microorganisms, unicellular organisms like the amoeba and multicellular organisms like the roundworms, and other such specimens. Without the use of microscopes it would be impossible to discover the world of germs, cells and other species that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

The Top Three Reasons Why A Walk In Clinic Beats the Competition

How many of you have heard of a walk in clinic? Just a few, we suppose. We do not understand why since it is the best way to receive medical care these days if you do not have a personal physician. It’s just that sometimes things fall through the cracks. A walk in clinic is a highly professional medical facility dedicated to taking care of any illness or injury you may have at a fraction of the cost that is usually associated with private doctors and/or hospital emergency room visits.

Advantages Of Herbal Medicine Over Conventional Medicine

One of the most debilitating facts about modern medicine over herbal medicine is that that it emphasizes the cure rather than prevention. This has led to the pharmaceutical industry become a multi-billion dollar market where profits become more important than anything else.

Be Your Own Patient Advocate Before Surgery

This article provides the reader with tools in how to be your own patient advocate when preparing for surgery. Readers will learn how to take care of their emotional health when planning for surgery. The article provides useful tips for ensuring one’s sense of health and wellness going into surgery…

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