Police: Child dies at Fort Smith hospital after being left in hot car

Codman Surgical Instruments – The Trusted Brand for Innovative Neurological Devices

The Codman Surgical Instruments are highly specialized and innovative products that are designed to provide solutions to different neurological conditions. These are mainly used to deliver treatment, monitor conditions or diseases, and diagnose a broad-range of neurological problems. That’s why the Codman Surgical Instruments are relentlessly used by many doctors to deliver the best possible medical care and management for their patients.

Does the Flu Shot for 2010 – 2011 Contain the Swine Flu Vaccine? Do I Need a Flu Shot?

The simple truth about the 2010 – 2011 flu shot. Help decide if it is right for you.

Healthcare Marketing and Medical Websites – How Patients Find Their Specialist Doctors

From medical websites, to brochures, to prescriptions from primary care and referring physicians, what do patients look for in a doctor when choosing the right specialist to treat their medical conditions? A healthcare marketing study of 3,300 medical practices in the U.S.

Affordable, and Reputable Veterinary X Ray Equipment

DR 3500 is designed to provide top performance at an affordable price. This image software provides high quality images and has been widely used in Veterinary X Ray Equipment DR and CR systems for all diagnostic purposes. Our Veterinary X Ray Equipment has an excellent reputation in the market.

Importance Of Medical Billing

Nowadays medical professionals are finding it difficult to manage day-to-day affairs, particularly administrative issues. Medical billing is one such area in which healthcare professionals are facing a daunting task of trying to cope up with the rapidly changing coding or billing rules and requirements. These days a lot of paperwork is involved that not only causes hindrance, but sometimes also become a cause for inordinate delays in payment and billing purposes.

Clinical Documentation – What It Is and Who Does It?

The profession of medicine today is more demanding and complex than ever before. And the skills of someone specializing in medical documentation are highly valued.

IT Tools for Patient Safety

Health care is a subject that most people could relate to. Through the years, it has grown more and more complex and there have been clinical studies focusing on new approaches to treatment and diagnosis. Operational systems are constantly upgraded and improved for the safety of the patient. The field of medicine is constantly changing and information technology plays a major key role.

2010 Has Already Been a Huge Year in Healthcare

Healthcare reform alone is enough of a Rubik’s Cube, but CMS and the OIG has been especially well-staffed these days, enough so that their offices are turning out new laws and interpretations at an alarming rate. Though it may seem overwhelming, physicians need to work harder than ever to stay on top of the changes.

What Is An Anticipated Physician Assistant Salary?

Some occupations seem to have fallen behind in terms of their salaries keeping pace with the cost of living. It is discouraging for an individual to complete years of schooling only to find limited jobs and substandard pay.

What Is Medicare Supplement Plan N and Why Does It Cost Less Than Plan F?

Good news for seniors looking for information about Medicare Supplement Plan N:  You may not be required to answer questions about your medicare background when applying for Medicare Supplement Plan N in Arizona, or any other state.  So even though you may have thought you could not get covered, at least one insurance company is offering a Medicare Supplemental Plan that meets your needs.

Remove Acne – Can It Actually Happen For Me?

If you’ve got acne, then you’ve got a major problem on your hands. Anyone who has this unsightly condition is constantly flooded with thoughts on how to remove acne. Why?

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