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Fountains in Medical Practices Create Relaxing Atmosphere

A commercial water fountain will improve you office environment and promote your business. It is an excellent way to add a welcoming, organic feel to your business. Commercial fountains offer an ambiance of natural relaxation that work well in medical practices. Massage Therapy businesses and Day Spas often utilize commercial fountains and Children’s Hospitals incorporate fountains to create a fun and healthy environment.

Need Health Care? Consider a Health Concierge

Need Healthcare? Having trouble with a medical problem? See why a health concierge can help solve both problems.

Types of Nitrile Gloves

Hospitals can be quite nauseating due to the many chemicals, medicines, surgical tools and liquids that are to be found there. Imagine the many tools and substances doctors have to come into contact with everyday as they go about their day’s work.

How to Reduce Medication Costs – Must Read

Being uninsured, you can get assisted -drug companies and organizations have programs (Prescription Assistance Program – PAP) that distribute costly medications free of charge. Every pharmaceutical company contains their list of rules and drugs; so qualifications and requirements vary from company to company. And you may have to sign up for more than one application to get all your medications as every pharmaceutical manufacturer has different drugs.

How Do Patient Assistance Programs Work?

Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs), are set up by drug companies which provide free or low cost drugs to those that are unable to pay for the medication(s). Major drug companies have PAPs and for this reason, every pharmaceutical manufacturer has a different eligibility and application requirements.

What’s Your Pharmacists Name? An Untapped Health Care Resource

The two most important health care professionals you have are your doctor and your pharmacist. Unless you are hospitalized, or undergo surgery, most of your health care will come in the form of products and preparations from your local pharmacy. You know your doctor’s name, do you know the name of your pharmacist?

Pathology Services in Various Laboratory Units

A medical laboratory is a venue for running tests on various clinical- or medical-related cases. Pathology services are done in these laboratories in order to detect certain types of diseases that may be present in a specific patient’s samples.

Virus Versus Bacteria – A New Way to Stamp Out Hospital Superbugs

How do you kill a superbug? Certain types of bacteria, such as MRSA, creep around hospitals, and are resistant to drugs. Of the various types of “superbugs,” MRSA is the most common one. MRSA is resistant to several types of antibiotics, including penicillin and penicillin-like drugs.

5 Cold, Hard Facts About Hospital-Obtained Infections

Have you heard the news? Infections obtained in hospitals are not simply isolated instances-they are becoming a troubling trend! The situation is particularly a problem, as hospitals are places where patients go to receive treatments for their injuries and illnesses.

ECG Machines Are a Life Saving Device

To test the heart electrical activity, 3, 5 or 12 leads connected to an ECG machine is necessary. Those leads are patched on the patient : arms, chest and legs are the most used spots. When having an ECG test, the patient will not feel any pain but sometimes the removal of the leads is painful.

Misconceptions About Affordable Health Care

The 2008 election has brought the topic of “affordable health care” and “affordable health insurance” to the forefront and, along with it, a slew of misconceptions. So, what is true and what is false? The purpose of the following article is to dispel some of these myths and misconceptions and provide information to make a muddy topic a bit clearer.

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