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The Cost of Health Care in America

Do hospitals have the right to put people into debt every time they walk into an emergency room? I say no. Should America start controlling the prices of medicine and medical supplies? Yes! I say the health care system is plain and simple highway robbery as it is. What do you think?

Indian Drug Industry

Indian Drug Industry Pharmacy/BioTech Techno. With the 1970 Patent Act, India succeeded in its social, economic, and political objectives. Social:- The drug prices were became so cheap that many Indian people can afford, which in turn improved the health conditions and average life period. Prior to the 1970 act, the drug prices were very high, which made the Indians to prefer the alternative legacy medical practices.

Criminals Who Happen to Be Doctors

The article below is from a 1997 article, however, many of the recipe items are still being used – one of the big differences today is that providers following the recipe are more careful on the reporting of comprehensive exams but the billing for physical medicine & rehabilitation services – especially, therapeutic procedures, has been inserted. Can you imagine making a years income in a month’s time? Would you like to know how to increase your weekly income $8,000 to $10,000?

Health Care Compliance, Buyer Beware

It should be no secret to health care providers of the government’s recommendation that ALL health care professionals implement compliance programs to self-police their practices. With these recommendations numbers of health care professionals have implemented formal compliance programs. Also with these recommendations a cottage industry was born for compliance companies to assist the health care professional, when needed, on implementing and administering compliance programs.

Who Else Wants to Avoid the #3 Killer in the USA?

What does the “Journal Of The American Medical Association” say is responsible for up to 225,000 deaths per year in the US & many of these deaths are easily preventable? Do you realize that is more than 75 times the amount of people that died on Sept. 11 & it keeps happening year after year.

The Future of Medicare Advantage

How will the new bill affect the future of Medicare Advantage? What power if any does the President have to veto?

The Trillion Dollar Mayhem

Medicare is currently a financial mess and could lead to the greatest fiscal disaster in United States’ history. There are solutions to the rising costs of Medicare but none that can guarantee success.

Is Your Child Eligible For Social Security Benefits?

More Social Security benefits are given to children than to any other social group. Children are eligible for social security benefits under the account of a parent, step parent, or foster parent that is either disabled or retired (and therefore eligible for Social Security benefits). They are also eligible if said guardian has died after paying social security taxes a long enough period to qualify their survivors for benefits.

Confusing Medicare Resources Cleared Up by Calling an Agent

It’s bad enough trying to find out what kind of health insurance will suit your situation without trying to also figure out all the parts and plans available under Medicare. Medicare resources are sorely underutilized and misunderstood, which is a tragedy, since Medicare coverage is reasonable.

Patent Reform Act Stalled in the Senate – Long-Debated New Law is Likely to Be Lobbied Even More

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), along with a large group of industry organizations and companies opposed to the Patent Reform Act of 2007, are breathing a little easier now that the bill is tied up in a Senate committee that apparently has better things to do in an election year. And with senators undoubtedly getting an earful of conflicting lobbying, it’s entirely likely that the reform act, which passed the House last fall, will remain stalled in the more deliberate legislative body for some time.

Rise in Popularity of Online Pharmacies Has Serious Consequences

The growing ease with which individual can access controlled drugs through the internet without a prescription has alarmed the American public. Illicit websites have allowed the market to flourish often resulting in deadly consequences.

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