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Nursing Homes Prison 101, Part Four in a Serious Series About Rehab & Care Centers & Nursing Homes

Is your clothing missing all the time? Did you wake up to find all your pants missing, even though you have 15 pairs of pants in that closet? There is a hidden agenda that you might not be aware of. Do not take this missing clothing for granted and do not take it lightly. Put in complaints about all missing clothing. This is Prison 101 – about nursing homes and rehab and care centers, Part Four.

Patient Advocate – An Important Role For All Caregivers

The job of caregiver, though usually unpaid, is one of the most complex and challenging roles anyone will undertake. There is no how-to manual that can adequately coach people on what it takes to keep a loved one safe and well once he or she has serious medical problems.

Health Care Costs Destroying America

I was reading an article in Business Week and I got very excited about the future of health care in the United States. I am a proponent of universal health care and the article gave me hope that our country is heading in that direction.

Horror, Horror, Horror and Then it Gets Worse! Nursing Home Sagas of 2007 and 2008 and Earlier

What is the worst horror story that you have heard about nursing homes? I am guessing that you have not heard these true stories yet, but you SHOULD have. Who is keeping these things off the front pages? These are front page stories that are relegated to the back pages of the newspapers. Read about eye-maggots and about missing residents who were not discovered missing.

Urine Smells, Unpleasant Odors and Other Unnecessary Conditions at Rehab and Care Centers

Boy, do we need nursing home reform and rehabilitation and care center reform in this state. Everything seems to be falling apart in that area. Will you please write to us and let us know MORE of what you have seen inside of these nursing homes and rehabilitation and care centers?

Come Clean – Uncover Your Cover-Ups in Health Care Facilities

The world needs you to come clean. Yes, you. If you are working in one of those horrible places that is supposed to be a nursing home or a rehab and care center, you need to come clean and send us your truth, your story and your honest experience. There are thousands of people waiting to hear your story, yet you sit there and have not told us one bit yet. We wait. We look forward to hearing your secret, the one that you never let out–about that rehabilitation and care center and about that nursing home. We appreciate your input.

Current Health Care Issues

There are several health care issues that are in the news and in the minds of many people these days. Perhaps because of the push for universal health care, misuses of the current health care system have come to light. The health care issues that plague Americans need to be addressed with intelligent debate and understanding.

Respect Patients’ Privacy! Keep Quiet in the Elevator!

If you are a patient inside of a medical facility or inside of a nursing home, take a ride on the elevator if your doctor approves of it. While riding this elevator you can truly discover exactly how much privacy you have inside of that building. If you hear employees discussing patients , while those employees are in the elevators, then you can be assured that your privacy is not utmost in their minds. If you hear professionals discussing medical conditions, politely ask those professionals to refrain from speaking about patients in public. The elevator is a public place!

Recruiting Mammography Technicians For You Staffing Agency

Today, there are more and more experience mammographer’s willing to pick up extra shifts that in anytime before. It is easier to find a multi trained mammographer that can be used in other disciplines and primarily benefit your staffing agency.

Medical Form Letters – Information to Include

Have you ever written a letter to any health care service and not received the proper response? Here is the way to get a response and get one quickly. There are certain key elements that must be included in your letters. Read the article to be more informed.

Nursing Home & Assisted Living Centers – Know What to Expect

Are you currently considering a nursing home stay for either yourself or a loved one? In either case, you would expect to receive the best care, especially for the very expensive prices nowadays, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, locating a facility that provides genuine quality care may be tantamount to finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. Know the truth about nursing home or assisted living facilities before you decide.

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