The 2022 Fort Smith Marathon is getting closer with some changes this year.

Changing the Medical Imaging Landscape With PACS Workstations

Advancements in PACS radiography has allowed clinicians to very quickly determine the quality of an image and accurately come to a correct, more informed diagnosis. Thanks to all of the necessary information available right in front of them.

Why Accredited CPR Courses Are Worth It

Every second counts once a person has lost consciousness and stopped breathing or had heart failure and it’s vital to keep the oxygen flowing properly to protect the brain cells. CPR is the best way to do this, but only if done correctly.

Understanding Your Medicare Application

Are you approaching 65 and wondering how to fill out your Medicare application? Where to go for Medicare information?

10 Steps in Applying For Medicaid

Among the questions you want to be asking yourself when you are applying for Medicaid is whether you meet the financial cutoffs financially. People are often unaware of the low cutoffs are and have a hard time rearranging their assets to qualify for each state’s strict financial cutoffs.

Are You Ready For October 2008?

Pressure ulcers have long been an issue for patients immobilized for lengthy periods of time. Although in recent years there has been a greater emphasis and awareness regarding prevention of pressure ulcers, starting in October health care professionals will be held financially responsible for patients who develop them.

Ways of Looking For a Suitable Hospital

If you are looking for a suitable hospital in your area there are various ways to finding the right and nearest hospital. Some of the ways in which you can look for a hospital nearest to you would be by using the yellow pages.

Huntsville Hospital

The Communities of Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee, both share the services of the Huntsville Hospital, which is a very big outfit that is staffed by over six hundred and fifty doctors, over two thousand nurses and a total staff numbering over five thousand. The Hospital is divided into three sections, with each section specializing and providing different services to its patients. The Huntsville Hospital for women and children provides specialized medical attention and services to women and children.

Merits of Using the Hospitals USA Website

Many websites are created every day on the internet to make life easier and a little more convenient for us. Hospitals USA is just one of those websites.

Florida Hospitals

Fun holidays, beaches, the ocean, retirement and off course plastic surgery, that’s what comes into mind when many of us think about Florida, “The Sunshine State”. With all the vacationers, travelers, and retirees in Florida, there is always someone sick somewhere, or someone suffering from food poising from all the different foods eaten, motion sickness, as well as sea sickness from the boat rides, not forgetting sunburn, heatstroke and more. These kind of problems and illnesses can all be treated with medication that has been purchased over the counter in grocery or drug stores.

Hospitals in Illinois

In the United States, each state has its own laws and boards to ensure that the medical services and hospitals are up to standard. The hospitals in Illinois are not left out.

Hospital Plans

Service providers of any kind, at one time or another will have to have some kind of organizational plan in order to function day to day. A hospital plan is important, due to the fact that they are an important part of our communities. This is where we go when we don’t feel well.

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