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How We Can All Change the Future of Health Care

What will health care be like in ten years? As Americans, we are concerned but how can we help promote positive change?

Maximizing Profits by Lowering Health Care Costs in an Obamacare Society

Health care costs are a growing concern amongst small and large business owners throughout America. The cost of medicine in the United States is out of control, with the average CT Scan or MRI costing thousands of dollars. Simple and complex treatments, office visits, and procedures are costing employers millions of dollars while decreasing the profitability of their organizations.

How Your Medical Office Can Cut No-Shows

No-shows can be a major cost for your office if they aren’t controlled. Find the best way you can slash the number of no-shows in your office.

Rely on Yourself More and the Health Care System Less

Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease three years ago but at 87 years old, he is still well today. His knees are bothering him but he manages to stand up at the net, racket in hand and volley a ball back to his daughters. Mowing the lawn, playing with the grandchildren and a game of pinochle round out his week.

The Case For Electronic Remit Advice (ERA), Secondary Claims and Insurance Posting Made Easy

Much has been said and written about the Electronic Remit Advice (ERA) not the least of which has come to us through Medicare. Their web site has a plethora of information and disinformation (meaning less than helpful NOT necessarily erroneous).

Medical Transcription Services and Quality Patient Care

Expansion of health care is a tremendous step and an enormous commitment. To regularize all processes and to keep it going is a task that will remain incomplete without the combined effort from all departments.

Getting A Medicare Supplementary Plan

Medigap Insurance, also known as Medicare Supplement Plan, is a private health insurance that is designed to complement an original Medicare plan you may have. The objective is to assist Medicare plan holders in paying the health care cost that is not covered.

The Hard Cold Facts About Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids plague people from every age group although they occur most often in individuals between the ages of 45 – 65. Approximately ten million people in the United States alone, suffer from hemorrhoids.

Understanding the FDA 505(b)(2) Regulatory Approval Pathway

Let us consider for a moment the why a drug development organization would follow the FDA 505(b)(2) regulatory approval pathway as opposed to the 505(b)(1) approval pathway and how the two differ. What are these two entities? Both are regulatory pathways pertaining to a new drug application (NDA).

What the New Health Care Overhaul Means to You

Now that the year long, and oftentimes ugly journey towards health care reform is coming to an end, many are curious as well as concerned about what this health care overhaul means for them. What we have heard is that this new landmark legislation will extend health care coverage to 32 million Americans who are currently uninsured, and stop insurance companies from discriminating from patients with pre-existing conditions. But what else will this milestone legislation cover?

Therapist Jobs – What Type of Therapy Job Should I Try to Get Into?

If you are the type of person who wants to not only make good money, have a career that has a great outlook for the future and wants to help make a positive change in someone’s life, then therapist jobs are where you should be looking. There are many different disciplines in the therapy profession and each one of them does different things to help improve a patient’s everyday life.

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