UAMS helping keep Razorbacks in the game

How to Choose a Professional Medical Tourism Company in India

With the fast pace of life people usually forget about their health while looking to earn more. Although earning is important, staying healthy is even more important and you should also know that treatment costs are dramatically increasing.

Appropriate Referrals Or Loss of Patients in the Practice of Specialized Medicine?

I remember vividly when I was working in a large Community-based teaching hospital in the East-Coast of Malaysia that relatively few patients are referred in by the family physicians in town. On the contrary, many patients are referred out of town, in fact to the capital city many hundred kilometers away. This observation is not only made by me alone, but also the other specialists in the hospital.

Medical Records Are Going Green

In the world of medicine there is so much information about a patient that needs to be recorded and transcribed. Each time a patient visits a doctors office their medical file is pulled and reviewed by the doctor.

2009 CPT Codes – Pediatric Coding

The new 2009 CPT codes have been renumbered and relocated in the intensive care subsection. You can now easily see that a newborn progresses from intensive care to subsequent critical care.

Repairing the Philips M3001A Module

Many Hospitals have been overwhelmed by the repair cost of the Philips M3001A MMS modules. This brief article will explain the reason for the dilemma and some cost effective alternative solutions.

Healthcare Services – Why is Our Role As Consumer Being Denied?

The fact is we need to either ask the office manager, the plan administrator, the network provider, or the doctor how much it is for a particular health service. The reason is that prices for healthcare services are not easily accessible. They are difficult to compute, assess and manage. For this reason, we as consumers do not feel empowered to make good decisions with respect to our healthcare. The cards are stacked against us.

Virtual Medical Answering Service – The Best Stress Buster

When a hospital runs on a really high budget turning up of low number of patients is the main cause of stress for most the doctors and other clinical administrations. However, the case is practically reverse in the case of low budgeted hospitals that are generally under staffed to control their financial expenditure. In such hospitals the main cause for stress is the high number of patients that turn in for appointments and treatments. Having a high number of patients is really beneficial for the hospital administration, but then managing such high number of patients becomes very difficult when there is a problem of low staffing.

It’s All Different When It’s Family

For those of us who work in Emergency Medicine and in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) it is a given that we are able to face any and all situations in an objective manner so we can go on automatic, carry on our duties and not be inhibited by emotions that could cloud our judgment. The knowledge and skills we bring to our jobs each day must be able to rise uninhibited to the surface so that in times of life and death crises our performance is optimal. Any ER physician will tell you that the ability to remain somewhat detached …

Doctors Don’t Get Paid to Practice Good Medicine

Is there a financial incentive for doctors to practice good medicine? How do doctors get paid?

How to Find the Best Doctor

Finding a good doctor could be one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. That is why it is so important to get it right. Good health is our most important asset and preserving our health is essential. Bad health is a very big liability and that is why you must try to prevent it at all costs. You must think that you are putting your life in your doctors hands. In this article you will find some tips for finding the best doctor for you.

Jane Addams and Chicago South Suburbs Healthcare

Jane Addams was born in 1860 in a Chicago south suburbs hospital of an upper-class family. She studied at Rockford College, and was one of the first women in America to graduate from a college.

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