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Hospital Bed Repair – Tips to Save Time and Money

With the increased sophistication and expense of today’s hospital beds, a cost-effective repair option is a must. This brief article will explain the challenge and offer an attractive and viable solution.

Ensure Your Facility’s Success With Health System Conferences

Health systems conferences make growth for your healthcare organization, and be able to expand your knowledge of the basics as well as advanced steps leading to a successful transformation. Critical changes in your healthcare organization can cripple your chances of success if you don’t handle them correctly.

The Concept of Having a Universal Healthcare System

For most societies health, birth and death is something that falls into the society’s responsibility and people prefer to pay taxes to have this administrated. USA is the only civilized country that doesn’t have universal health care.

Medical Equipment Repair ISO’s – Getting the Most Value From Yours

With significantly reduced budgets, many hospitals are concerned about saving money on Medical Equipment Repair Services. This brief article gives great tips on how to get the best value from Independent Service Organizations.

A Concurrence – “The EMR and You Too”

It’s not uncommon for patients to wait for hours to be treated by busy emergency room staff. In keeping it’s emergency departments promise(s) to patients depends on it running smoothly.

The Raging Debates Between Modern and Complimentary Medicine

The debates between the values and virtues of Conventional versus Alternative Medicine is actively ongoing. This is in part due to frequent failures of the former in effecting complete and satisfactory cure of many complex diseases, mainly Cancers and Chronic Degenerative diseases. The criticism against the current medical practice is made more cynical with the rising cost of healthcare due to the ever increasing reliance on expensive technology of some dubious values sometimes. This is further compounded by the fact that in some free capitalist economies, healthcare has become an expensive commodity afforded mainly by the middle class and the privileged.

ATM Healthcare? The Way of the Future?

Doctors are starting to redesign the way they work to link better with patients and to use the newly available multi-media technologies. This is an important process that will undoubtedly accelerate over the next 20 years. There is a need to substantially redesign many of the traditional processes used to practice medicine – and move to new ways of delivering health services, using what I call ATM Healthcare.

Clinical? What Does it Mean?

If you’ve ever heard of the term “clinical” being tossed around, do you ever wonder what it means? I know I do. Read this article so that I may help you clear up any confusion surrounding this ever-growing popular term.

Recession and Healthcare System in the US – Sustainable?

The price of Insurance were skyrocketing all these years. So were healthcare costs. With the recession deepening, is the present system of HMOs sustainable? Is there a better alternative?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Health Savings Accounts?

Healthcare costs have risen 8%-10% each year over the last three years and are likely to grow two to three times the rate of inflation for the foreseeable future. With a Health Savings Account, HSA, savings used for qualified medical expenses can be withdrawn free of taxes.

What Will You Do When Medicare Advantage No Longer Exists?

Come 2010 there are many things that will be changing in America’s healthcare landscape, not the least of which is the demise of Medicare Advantage, the old Medicare supplement plans A through G being phased out, and new plans A through G being phased in. What will all these changes mean? To start with, there will inevitably be a lot of confusion about the changes. So for the better part of 2010, it might be very difficult to get to the bottom of what is going on with your health insurance. For instance, with regard to the changes in Medicare supplements…

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