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Another Story of Colonic Hydrotherapy For a Candida Sufferer

This article is another update of colonic hydrotherapy of a friend of mine. She was about to have an appointment of the therapy and would like to share her experience.

10 Signs Your Electronic Patient Record Software Needs Replacing

Run a hospital? Does your healthcare software give you the features and facilities your patients and staff need? Is it giving you value for money? Find out whether you should replace your electronic patient record software.

Workplace Wellness and Healthcare 3590 – It Makes Cents

Workplace Wellness affects every company’s bottom line irrespective of size. For example, health insurance premiums for employers and employees are almost three times that of wages and inflation.

Tips a Fortune 500 Company Used to Cut Healthcare Costs

Health care costs have plagued business owners for years. See how some of these tips have helped a fortune 500 company save money on employee health care costs.

Medical Tourism – How Do I Know Where to Go For Treatment?

Doctors and hospitals in more than twenty different countries are now offering medical services to expatriate travelers and medical tourists each year. Medical tourism is growing so fast that it is hard to keep up with the list of countries that are building modern hospitals to cater to First-World patients. It is not difficult to see why the first question that comes to mind for a prospective patient is “Where do I go for medical treatment?” Sources to answer that question are given in the article.

What is the Process For Replacing a Medicare ID Card?

Medicare ID card should be in a good shape because it is the key to your medical help and information. In case you have a damaged Medicare ID, you need to make every effort to replace it as quickly as possible.

Pharmaceutical Influence is Changing Shape

As the spotlight falls more and more on links between the pharmaceutical industry and doctors, a new form of subtle influence is developing. This is links between pharmaceutical companies and patient groups which can lead to disease mongering and the medicalizing of life.

Study by the AHRQ Renews Focus on Hospital Infections

Why are there an estimated 100,000 deaths a year from hospital acquired infections that are resistant to cure with even our best antibiotics and antiviral drugs? And more importantly why are these pathogens so prevalent in our health care facilities?

Applying For Medicaid When Pregnant

Medicaid is given to people who cannot afford to buy insurance for themselves or their family. It is important to know how to apply for it when you are pregnant.

Medical Coding Professionals Contribute to the Delivery of Quality Health Services

Medical coding professionals play a big role in the provision of quality health services. They are responsible for transforming descriptions of physiological conditions and the needed treatments into codes, allowing convenient access of useful medical information.

The Medical Transcriptionist’s Role in the Future of Health Care

The medical transcriptionist profession is a rapidly booming one, with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and health agencies all needing expert medical transcription services to support their operations. These same professionals are expected to contribute to the future demand that will be placed on the health care industry.

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