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Indian Health Care

The Indian health care market was estimated at US$35 billion in 2007 and is expected to reach over US$70 billion by 2012 and US$145 billion by 2017. The Indian health care industry is seen to be growing at a rapid pace of 12 percent per annual in the last 4 years and is expected to become a US$280 billion industry by 2020. Rising income levels and geriatric population are all driving this growth.

Why Don’t Endocrinologists Like to Treat Fat People?

Perhaps, you already know that excess body weight may cause a lot of problems both for men and women. Some of these problems are identical for both sexes, for example: short wind, high blood pressure, cerebrovascular accidents, neuro sclerosis, edema of the lungs, as well as depression, nervous breakdown and so on. Others are closely connected with the sex of people suffering from obesity.

Ensuring Quality in the Medical Field Through Clinical Audits

The human health is the most important factor considered as the medical field is created to provide effective services and promote human welfare. To ensure that high quality service is provided, clinical documentation improvement programs resulting from reliable clinical audits are necessary.

Life Choice Concentrator: Breathe Pure Air

Oxygen is considered as the most important element in the planet earth. Life is possible at full swing if you are able to breathe well with oxygen.

Liver Flush Product Recommendation for the Candida Treatment

A friend had been doing very well on the candida treatment’s diet and antifungals, but five months ago, she “fell off the wagon”. Now, she feels lousy, with every joint in her body hurts and she can’t think clearly or remember anything. She is trying hard to get back on the diet and antifungals, but she feels like she just needs to get herself “cleaned out”, too. She is talking about kidney, liver, and intestinal. She wants suggestions of good products or ways for accomplishing all of this.

Dealing With Food Issues in Starting Candida Diet

A friend is not sure in how she can take a true candida diet. She is struggling with multitude of problems, such as candidiasis, chronic fatigue, food sensitivities, leaky gut, diabetes, sleep apnea, EBV, allergies, sluggish liver and kidneys, high blood pressure, and overweight. She has had irritable bowel syndrome and hernia, but they are repaired. She is currently covered in a rash, and her hair has thinned out.

Sensitivity and Allergy to the Candida Probiotic

I have recommended Aqua Flora several times as your candida probiotic. Here is a story from a friend of mine who found it really helpful. She took it after talking to owner of one of the health food stores, who said that people are taking it with good results. She has used Aqua Flora for quite some times and liked it very much. She is allergic to garlic, so she has never used the super potency start, but she found relief with the other levels.

How A Candida Product Works – Getting Parathyroid Working Again

Someone asked me if there is anyone I know who currently is having experience with a candida product called SF722. She has been taking it for approximately 2 months and now is feeling somewhat better and more normal. She believes her candida infection was caused by mercury toxicity from her amalgam fillings. She had them removed about 11 months ago and was told by her doctor that it could take two years to rid her system of the mercury. And yes, she has been on it; prescription and herbal for her candida infection. She thought there is nothing has worked like the SF722 seems to be.

Getting Candida Sufferers’ Parathyroid Functioning Properly By Taking Stomach Acid Pills

A friend is wondering what Dr. Piller would give to the candida sufferers for getting their parathyroid works well. She is curious because she keeps getting low normal readings from testing, so they told her that she was fine! What she is trying to discover is just how I get my parathyroid working on my own.

Expensive Charge for the Great Candida Treatment – Paying High Price for Your Health

Someone says that some of us can’t afford candida treatment by naturopathic physicians and the insurance only pays for traditional medication. Actually, naturopaths are often less expensive than regular doctors. My insurance did not cover my visit either. The real question I think is: do you want to spend your time and money and life energy doing a program prescribed by someone who has absolutely cured people or just with someone who is somewhat knowledgeable and “appears” to be affordable? That last option could be very expensive, not to mention discouraging.

Leaky Gut and Yeast Problems in Digestion

My friend sent me a letter asking about some yeast problems. In her case, she gets gas and bloating when she eats sugar or even fruit, which feeds the candida. She wonders if taking SF722 is another bogus product that should be the case if this stuff interferes with the candida ability to feed on sugar. Also, there are a lot of doctors that claim that chelation, selenium, vitamin, green juice, etc could chelate the mercury out of the body. She herself had very high levels supposedly, had her amalgams taken out, and is now waiting to feel better (finished removal about 8 months ago).

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